25 Things I Love About Sydney – Part 5

Hello, today marks the final part of my 25 Things I Love About Sydney posts… find Part 1 here,  Part 2 here, Part 3 here and Part 4 here.

This series has been celebrating the fact that it’s been over 25 years since I first landed in Sydney.

Here’s to the next 25 years, and to 25 More Things To Love About Sydney.

21. Indoor and Outdoor Public Swimming Pools

Pool Luna Park copy

We’re totally spoiled for choice. In the early days my favourite was North Sydney Olympic Pool. I’d swim there early in the morning when I used to work at Channel 9.

When the kids came along and we learned the joys of indoor pools Lane Cove Aquatic Centre, Ryde Aquatic Centre,  Cook and Phillip Park Aquatic Centre, Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre, Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre and Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope.

Very cheap and healthy family fun – which is what Sydney is all about, after all.

And don’t forget that many of them have fantastic water slides, see this post for a list of them all. We’ve had many, many fun days at a pool with a water slide or two.


22. Free and Such Fun – Sydney’s Outdoor Playgrounds

Blaxland Park Playground

Oh there are so many, and to think we knew nothing about them until we had kids.

This blog is chockablock full of posts about fantastic playgrounds. Just click here to read more.

Isn’t the photo above lovely? Who wouldn’t fancy a whirl? This is from the amazingly modern playground at Blaxland Riverside Park. Too cool.


23. Organic Markets and Farmers Markets

mushrooms from the local market

There are HEAPS of fresh food markets around the city, and I’d happily wander from one to the other and never visit a supermarket again. Well, I can dream.

We’re so lucky to have an organic market really close to us each Sunday. I’ve got a post on how to find your local market in Sydney.

You’re welcome!


24. Taronga Zoo and Other Animal Adventures


 Taronga Zoo is certainly the most famous of Sydney’s animal encounter places, and it definitely has the best views.

But there many other places to see Australian native flora and fauna.  Have you checked out:

Manly Sea Life Centre, Sydney Aquarium, Australian Walkabout Wildlife Park, Wild Life Sydney.

I must get out and take some photos at the Koala Park Sanctuary and the lovely featherdale Wildlife Park in Western Sydney!

And don’t forget the wonderful opportunities to go horse riding in Sydney, check out this post on riding lessons, and this one on pony rides for kids.

But it’s also well worth avoiding a few Sydney animals, for example the sea lice, the leeches and the blue bottles!


25. Ugg Boots

Ugg boots

What sort of an idiot was I to wait 25 years to buy my first pair of Uggs?

They are magnificent, and have got me through this winter with toasty toes, completely in comfort.

Without any cultural baggage, I wear mine out and about, something my young babysitter would never do, she claims.

Ugg boots are fabulous. I’ve sent a pair to Mum for her birthday, they ought to be compulsory footwear in Scotland, don’t you think?


I’ve enjoyed looking at my old photos from when I first got to Sydney over 25 years ago. Must share some of those.

I’m glad to celebrate this anniversary, startling though it is to realise it’s been so long since that first day in Oz.

 Happy travelling this weekend,



 25 Things I Love About Sydney – Part 5….. find Part 1 here,  Part 2 herePart 3 here and Part 4 here.

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Posted on: September 6, 2013