Bernie Mullane Sports Complex Playground, Kellyville

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Bernie Mullane Sports Complex Playground

 Marella Avenue, Kellyville


By Melanie Cross

We have been going to this park since my daughter first started crawling and my now three and a half year old daughter and almost two year old son absolutely love it. In fact they ask me regularly if we can go to “Bernie”!

The soft fall ground surface in the play area make this perfect for crawlers and just-about-walkers and the large variety of play equipment (including a Liberty Swing for wheelchair users) make it appealing for the older and more adventurous.

The sports complex includes playing fields, tennis courts and a gym as well as the large park. I love this playground because it is fully fenced, the play equipment is covered in large shade cloths and whilst there are limited benches for seating, there is a large grassy area perfect for spreading your picnic rugs out on.

All of these make it very popular for catch ups for carers of young children, I have been here at all different times and it is never empty. Saturdays when there are lots of sports being played on the various fields it can be extremely crowded and a bit boisterous for younger children.

The playground features swings, a seesaw, roundabouts, rockers, a climbing net, a tunnel and various balancing obstacles as well as two large multi-featured climbing forts with slides, bridges, ladders and interactive panels. The wide range of structures caters for all levels of mobility and fearlessness!


Toilets/Baby change:   Yes, in the foyer of the gym

Nearest takeaway coffee:   There is a small kiosk/café in the foyer of the gym

Enclosed:  Yes

Shade:  Yes over the play equipment, no shade over the gras

Parking: Yes

Mum’s report:  I love this park, the only reservation I have in writing this review is that it may become even more popular!

Extra:                                                 The gym on the complex also has a creche










Thanks so much Melanie, great to hear that your mini reviewers give this playground the big thumbs up!


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Posted on: October 10, 2016

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