Blaxland Riverside Park – More photos

Last post was a full description of the excellent playground at Blaxland Riverside Park. Here are some more photos for your delectation!

We visited Blaxland Riverside Park playground on a grey day, the sun only peaked through at the end of our visit. So these photos don’t do justice to the views at all.

Never mind, we’ll just have to pop over there again sometime soon. The kids will be delighted.

Blaxland Riverside Park softfall

The two types of softfall at Blaxland.

Blaxland Riverside Park river

View from playground down to cafe and Parramatta River

Flying Fox at Blaxland Riverside Park

The flying fox is great for the older kids

Huge slides at Blaxland Riverside Park

My children took off like cheetahs when they saw these slides

They raced straight up, slid down, climbed up, slid down.

Rope swing Blaxland Riverside Park

The rope swing here is pretty exciting

Blaxland Riverside Park grassland

Just like the hills in Teletubbyland

Roundabout at Blaxland Riverside Park playground

The roundabout was popular… and fast

BBQ area by Parramatta River, on a quiet day

BBQ area by Parramatta River, on a quiet day

Groovy basin Blaxland Riverside Park

Love the groovy basins in the toilets

Rope play area near cafe

Rope play area near cafe

There’s a terrific cafe by the river there too.  

Read all about the cafe here.

See photos of the new additions to the playground here.


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Posted on: April 29, 2012