Eden Gardens in Ryde, Sydney – A Family-Friendly Destination Garden Centre

20140617 Eden Gardens_0047I recently posted on the gorgeous Dragonfly Cafe at Eden Gardens in Ryde, but wanted to show you some more photos of this delightful destination garden centre which won the 2013 state award for Best Lifestyle Garden Centre at the Nursery & Garden Industry (NGINA) annual awards.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0010

Kids will absolutely love a visit to Eden Gardens. There’s the playground, the cafe, a sculpture walk and so many other lovely places for kids to play.

And you can also get all the gardening advice you need…  not to mention heaps of inspiration on gardening sustainably.

The latest addition to Eden Gardens is the Edible Pavilion, which you’ll find as you walk into the centre.  If you’re thinking of growing fruit and veggies in the backyard or even in a pot or two on your balcony, this is the place to start.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0055

Who knows, you might end up with a lush vertical garden before you know it.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0059

Families will love the City Farm garden kit, everything you need to get started growing fruit and veggies for the family.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0054

School holiday activities, garden-themed craft and games for preschoolers, gardening classes for adults, art classes… there’s all this and more. Check out the What’s On Calendar on the Eden Gardens website at:  www.edengardens.com.au

20140617 Eden Gardens_0022

20140617 Eden Gardens_0021

I need one of these wombat rubbish bins – too sweet.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0027

Most groovy veggie patch ever.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0057

A vertical garden in the Edible Pavilion.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0062

Who doesn’t adore a window box?

20140617 Eden Gardens_0063

This is the herb I need in my veggie patch.

Eden Gardens, Edible Garden launch. June 17th, 2014. Photo by Brianne Makin

The Edible Pavilion has a space for talks and cooking demonstrations

20140617 Eden Gardens_0023

These cheeky dogs are in the children’s playground.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0024

Children can slide down into the playground, but look out for the dinosaur!

20140617 Eden Gardens_0025

The beehive cubby is a much-loved favourite.

20140617 Eden Gardens_0026

So too are the lollipop sculptures.

So there you have it, a top spot on Sydney’s north shore for children of all ages… and their mums and dads and grannies and grandads too.

Have you visited Eden Gardens with the families?

Do you grown your own fruit and veggies?

Happy planting


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Posted on: July 1, 2014