Fairfield Adventure Park – Fab Playground in Western Sydney



Would you look at that fantastic slide!!

Fairfield Council has created an amazing new playground, it’s called Fairfield Adventure park and it’s open now.

This is a must-visit for my kids in the next school holidays.


Fairfield Adventure Park

Vine Street, Fairfield (opposite the Fairfield Leisure Centre)

Definitely designed for older children and teenagers, this is a really challenging playground.

That spiders web climbing frame is 11m tall, the sky bridge is set that high and the slides tumble down that far.

There’s also a 33m long double flying fox.

Other facilities at the playground include a foosball table, table tennis and barbecue’s and picnic tables.

The project cost $1.4 million dollars, so let’s make sure not a penny of that taxpayers and ratepayers money goes to waste!

The playground is beside Fairfield Leisure centre, and close to the new Fairfield Youth and Community Centre. It’s just a 10-minute walk from Fairfield station and CBD.

Well done Fairfield City Council!



Have you been to this playground?

Can you share any tips for a succesful visit?

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Posted on: August 5, 2015


  • Reply January 12, 2016


    Found this park on here today! And I took 6 kids there from the ages of 12 down to 3 they all loved it!!
    The sides are huge i even went down them. Great park!

    • Reply January 12, 2016

      Seana Smith

      Fantastic to hear Tesh, nothing better than hearing of loads of kids all playing outside in the fresh air and having a blast.

  • Reply September 27, 2016

    Brian Le

    are dogs allowed?

    • Reply September 27, 2016

      Seana Smith

      I think probably not, they are usually kept away from playgrounds. Best to check on Fairfield Council website.

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