Good Enough Mum- Boys+Drums Kits, all you need to know in 44 seconds

Mums and dads of little boys… you need to know something about boys, about teenagers and about drum kits.

Just watch for 44 seconds, you may save yourself years of headaches…. and earaches….

What a laugh. Those drums are doing my head in, and that’s with the drum pads on!

But don’t think for a minute that I regret my big wee lad taking up the drums, or indeed his other love, the bagpipes. Not at all!

All my dad’s side of the family were and are very musical, and I was sure that one day my children would love to play something. Like many things with my Giant Teenager, it just took a bit longer.

As soon as he got to high school he begged to play the drums. He’s been doing lessons for a year and I’m truly glad. Music is a great occupation for youngsters, yes even heavy metal which is what he loves.

I’m linking this to Maxabella’s Weekend Grateful, because I really am grateful for the delight my kids take in music. But next time, I’m buying the electronic drum kit!

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Posted on: April 29, 2011