Healthy Mum – It’s All About Timing

Now when I say it’s all about timing, I don’t mean breaking the 4 minute mile.  I’m talking about the time that you go to the gym.

I’m a WAHM/SAHM and so my time is my own I have some flexibility in my weekly timetable.  So on preschool days, I like to dash home and work away at my desk and round the house.

After lunch, on some days, I like to waft off to the local gym… because NO-ONE ELSE IS THERE.

Totally peaceful, totally quiet.  No-one to feel intimidated by.  Plenty of space, no waits for the equipment.

I like to think I am sparing other gym-goers of the full horror of my wobbling cellulite.  I’m kind like that.

Look at that, 2pm and not a soul in sight!

Are you a mum who manages to get to the gym??


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Posted on: July 20, 2011


  • Reply July 20, 2011


    Like you I workout, however I have to go around 6 a.m. or else I won’t fit it in. Is that your gym? The equipment looks new.

    • Reply July 20, 2011


      Hi Sonia, yes this gym I go to is pretty new. It’s unbelievably busy early in the morning and after people finish work, but filled with mums in the mornings… but totally quiet just after lunch.

      I’m quite a morning person, but my husband leaves at 6.15am in the morning and I couldn’t get there and back by that time. But some mornings I am up and at computer early then use the space that creates in the daytime.

      Juggle, juggle, as ever.

  • Reply July 20, 2011


    Good on you!

    I am so looking forward to my 2 being at school!!! Got a 5 year wait though so need to find a away to get there regardless. Water aerobics is my exercise of choice at the moment but I really need to up it soon.

    • Reply July 20, 2011


      Hi Lee,
      I found getting exercise so bloomin’ hard with littlies. With one you can get out for a walk with the stroller, but 2 of different ages is very trickly. I was a gym member and would take little ones to the creche but then I was so tired and felt I was there for a rest… I’d wander on the walking machine reading a magazine or lounge in the sauna. Not a great workout, but least it was a rest!

      Mine are all out now three days a week so it’s crunch time.

  • Hi Seana, sounds good. I can’t stand busy gyms! I like to go for a brisk walk down the beach in the morning before the kids get up which puts me in a great mood. But the first while or argument from the kids still gets to me!

    • Reply July 22, 2011


      A walk on the beach sounds so lovely. It’s absolutely puring here in Sydney today and cold… boo hoo. I’ve learned to like gyms overall, but nothing beats the Great Outdoors.

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