Healthy Mum – It’s All About Timing

Now when I say it’s all about timing, I don’t mean breaking the 4 minute mile.  I’m talking about the time that you go to the gym.

I’m a WAHM/SAHM and so my time is my own I have some flexibility in my weekly timetable.  So on preschool days, I like to dash home and work away at my desk and round the house.

After lunch, on some days, I like to waft off to the local gym… because NO-ONE ELSE IS THERE.

Totally peaceful, totally quiet.  No-one to feel intimidated by.  Plenty of space, no waits for the equipment.

I like to think I am sparing other gym-goers of the full horror of my wobbling cellulite.  I’m kind like that.

Look at that, 2pm and not a soul in sight!

Are you a mum who manages to get to the gym??

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Posted on: July 20, 2011