I Love Fiona Lumsdaine- She Has Taken 10 Years Off Me!


I’m actually 150 years old and grumpy most of the time.

But you could never tell from these photos.

Well done that photographer!  

It always pays to pay a professional!

I had been needing to get some proper photos done for a while.

Fiona Lumsdaine had been mentioned by a few bloggers and then I saw her at work during a bloggers’ convention.

So I called to engage her services, we did a shoot, and it was SUCH A LAUGH.  We found out our oldest boys knew each other well and we had a pal in common too. I felt so relaxed and comfortable with her, and I do love the photos.

Apologies if this seems too  drastically showy-offy.  I’m an ex-showbiz showoff, can’t help it!

Final Thought:  if I ever do get married- finally –  Fiona’s doing the wedding photos.

Linking to Maxabella’s Grateful, as I’m truly grateful to have some photos that I think reflect me as I’d like to be… not as I often am when doing dishes etc etc




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Posted on: November 11, 2011