Jervis Bay Family Fun – Five Kid-Friendly Favourites

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Here are the fave five things from 2011…..

Oh, I have a lot to be grateful for today.  I’m driving down to lovely Jervis Bay to spend a long weekend with a friend and our two sets of five year old twins.

And there couldn’t be a better place to holiday with young children.

Joining Maxabella Grateful linky today, much gratefulness to the universe and especially to my Intn’l Man of Mystery whose mysterious and international ways mean this little slice of heaven is a second home for us.  Lucky, lucky.

The main beach at Vincentia is excellent for kids. There are often small waves just rolling in slowly, ideal for learner boogie boarders. You can see Plantation Point stretching out behind. Gorgeous on a sunny day, winter or summer.

The Spiderweb Playground is the name we’ve given to the playground at White Sands Park Huskisson and you can see why. There are swings and bbqs here too and lots of grassy space to play games and run around. There are toilets in the park, there’s a cafe on the corner and an ice cream shop nearby, Sharknet Beach is just down the path: I ask you, what more do you need in life?

Lickety Lick is an old-fashioned sweet shop on the main street in Huskisson, a regular expedition to there sees children enjoying all sorts of lollies… and the parents participate too, just to be friendly.

If you’re heading to Jervis Bay for your holidays, it’s well worth putting off movie visits until you get there. The local cinema is this gorgeous historic building in the centre of Huski. Ticket prices are so much more reasonable than in the city. All tickets cost $9 before 6pm and $10 after. Bargain! And small kids’ popcorn for $2.50, medium popcorn and drink cost just $7. Love that.

This is one of the best places in Huskisson for families with young children, it’s Moona Moona Creek, seen here at high tide. It’s a wide, shallow creek, paradise for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, safe and beautiful. Older kids love rumbling in the sand dunes and my teenager likes to join the locals leaping from the bridge.  More photos here.

 I’m not saying for a minute that a holiday with kids is relaxing!

But it’s often fun, and so beautiful down at Jervis Bay.


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Posted on: July 8, 2011


  • Reply July 8, 2011


    My brother and his partner swear by the wonder of Jervis Bay. Hope you have a great holiday. I’ve not been there yet but those photos make me envious. Isn’t it pretty cole right now though?

  • Reply July 8, 2011


    cold. I meant to say, cold!

    • Reply July 8, 2011


      Hi Sarah, it’s freezing! Well, fine when the sun is out, t-shirt weather if not windy. But the sun’s about to go down and the fire has been lit. My friend and I are thinking of braving an icy dip in the morning; the winter swim challenge! Daft British-born people. Our ‘quads’ think we’re mad.

  • Reply July 8, 2011

    Jodi Gibson

    Looks absolutely gorgeous. Have fun. (Not too sure about the icy dip though!)

  • Reply July 8, 2011


    oh that picture of the beach looks absolutely stunning. i stopped by from maxabella – enjoy your break! x

  • Reply July 8, 2011


    It looks like a truly beautiful place to visit, enjoy your stay and I hope you find a few minutes here and there to relax just a bit

    • Reply July 9, 2011


      Just had a little swim… the water is exceptionally… refreshing!!

  • Reply July 9, 2011


    Love your grateful – good to see some sun & sand.We have been to that spiderweb playground. We stayed in the caravan park nearby. I was so nervous about my boys then only 3-4 climbing to the top.

    I missed that lolly shop though. Good excuse to go back.
    here via Maxabella too and cause I like you- you have 5 yr twins.

    • Reply July 10, 2011


      Hello, love that caravan park, that’s where we used to stay when we first started visiting when my eldest was little. Terrific place for families.

  • Reply July 9, 2011


    Shhhhhh… don’t tell everyone about Husski! They might go!

    (I grew up playing around Jervis Bay).


  • Reply July 9, 2011


    looks awesome!!!

  • Reply July 9, 2011


    Sounds lovely! Hope you have a great time! x

  • Reply July 9, 2011


    I love that the parents participate just to be friendly! Hehe!! Sounds divine! 🙂

  • Reply July 9, 2011


    Great post! I grew up holidaying in Jervis Bay as my grandmother has a holiday house at Erowal Bay (5 mins away from Huski/Vincentia). We have now bought a beach front block at Erowal Bay too and plan to build one day – lots of caravan and camping holidays in our future first though I think. So lovely to see shots of ‘home’ – great pics.

    • Reply July 10, 2011


      Erowal Bay is where the kangaroos hop around the village, isn’t it? Too cute! We’ll have to meet up here one day when you’re back.

  • Reply July 10, 2011


    Sounds idyllic to me but then I got transported by the name of the sweetie shop.
    Have a fab time

  • Reply July 10, 2011


    Lovely things to be grateful for!

    We have named a playground near us the Spiderweb Park due to the climbing things too.

  • Reply August 30, 2011


    Nice photos.
    Jervis Bay is a great place to visit.
    have a look at for accommodation
    Cheers – Lawrence

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