Manly Waterworks is Now Manly Surf n Slide


 Manly Waterworks has re-opened and with a new name. It’s now Manly Surf n Slide, check out the website here.

Will check it out as soon as I can and get a new post up… in the meantime, here’s one from the old Waterworks a couple of years ago.

OMG we just had the best day yesterday down at Manly Waterworks.

This is an annual trip for us, and it’s a point in time where the changes in the kids are so clear.

Last year the twins were tall enough (almost!) to slide but not brave enough to go by themselves.  I was sliding with them.

This year they slid joyfully without me… for hours.  We took the wee boys next door and friends of the big boys joined us.  So all four of the children were galloping up and sliding down with friends as well as each other.

And I sat on my bottom down below.  Got a takeaway coffee, bought ice blocks, doled out sunscreen, water and food.

It was sublime.

Manly Waterworks has never appeared in Sydney For Under Fives because it’s not a good place for the under fives.  There’s a height restriction of 120cm.  And the three slides are pretty exciting too.

Luckily, the wonderful West Esplanade beach is right beside Waterworks, so when my twins were little they loved to play there whilst the older boys whizzed and splashed.

Manly Waterworks works for mums, dads and carers as well as the kids because it has a very shady sitting area, with benches and tables.  So if we oldies are too lazy to slide, we can sit and relax.

Don’t the words ‘sit’ and ‘relax’ sound odd in the context of parenthood?

Things We Love

* The cafe right alongside

* the wonderful views

* the thrilling slides

* the fact I can take all the kids, currently aged between 14 and five.  There aren’t many things they all love to do together.

Downsides of the trip

The only one for me is… finding parking. Manly gets so busy in the summer.  My aim is always to leave very early and circle like a Manly shark until I find a good spot.

We usually get a 2-hour park on the street, and then try to move the car…. or pray I don’t get a ticket.

The council car parks are also good, but a hike.  The car park under the building on the corner of  West Esplanade and Belgrave Street, entrance off Gilbert Street, is handy and worth the cost.

Manly Waterworks is tucked beside Oceanworld Manly at the end of West Esplanade, hard to see but once found, never forgotten.

Ah Manly, how we love you. This is the beach at West Esplanade, looking towards the pier as the ferry approaches.

The kids are always starving after a few hours of sliding.  Our routine is to go along to Manly Wharf, eat something nutritious and filling (fish and chips, ice cream) and then muck about on the beach until it’s time to go home to bed.

And all this on a lovely warm, blue sky, Sydney summer day…. say no more….

More info on Manly Waterworks at their comprehensive website here. 


More Great Sydney Water Slides

There are heaps of other water slides in Sydney, some outdoors at swimming pools and some at indoors pools.

Read my post about all the different water slides in Sydney here.

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Do you have a favourite annual summer expedition?

Which are your fave water slides?

Happy sliding,


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Posted on: January 12, 2012


  • Reply January 12, 2012


    I go to Manly loads and never knew this was here!

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    Hello Muppy, well I am so delighted you read this… it is a very down to earth place, it’s been there for years and years… very unpretentious spot, which has given my big boys years of thrills. Bit of a hidden gem.

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    Summers by the sea are the thing I loved most about my childhood 🙂

    • Reply January 12, 2012


      Holidays by the sea on the west coast of Scotland were happy times in our childhood too. My sister lives just near where we used to go so we get to re-visit and watch our kids play. It’s a rare treat, very special.

  • Reply January 12, 2012

    Ai Sakura

    Looks like such an awesome place! Would love to go there if I’m ever in Manly 🙂

    • Reply January 12, 2012


      Here’s to a trip for you to Manly one day.

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    I never knew this existed – it looks like a great place! I am glad you all had a fantastic day there 🙂

    • Reply January 12, 2012


      There have been many hair-raising moments these school hols and even more hair-pulling ones, so it as great to have a day when everyone enjoyed themselves.

  • Reply January 12, 2012

    Life In A Pink Fibro

    I had NO idea it was even there. This is why I love your blog!

    • Reply January 12, 2012


      Ah, thank you. It’s a good spot for a sunny day when you need to exhaust your children… hold on, we need to exhaust our children every day.

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    That looks so awesome Seana.

    And hooray for sitting down. I love that 😉

    So glad you all had such a great day.

  • Reply January 12, 2012


    PS Just showed Mr14 and Able12 this post and they reckon they broke every rule on the list yesterday… don’t tell me boys!

    I sent Able12 off with my waterproof camcorder and he’s got some hilarious in-slide video… will upload and edit that in soonish…

  • Reply January 26, 2012


    Had no idea this was there either. Thanks for unearthing this one. I’ll keep it bookmarked for future reference, when my smells are bigger.

    • Reply January 28, 2012


      Yes, that’s a good plan. I remember having to have my boys on my knee down that huge slide when we first visited. Now even the wee ones fly down alone… how time goes by!

      • Reply January 28, 2012


        I am so glad you realized I meant “smalls” and not “smells”. I promise I bathe every day (almost!). Cursed autocorrect!

  • Reply March 22, 2013


    Is it for younger kids? I have an 18 month old…any suggestions on where I could exhaust her?

    • Reply March 22, 2013


      Not for younger kids as there is a height limit. Playgrounds by the beach are fab for wearing out the wee ones!!

  • Reply April 2, 2013


    Hey..Thanks for this post..

    Do they charge for the under fives or is it free entry for them?

    • Reply April 2, 2013


      Only kids over the height limit can enter and they need to pay. So it’s a height thing not a age thing.

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