My Husband’s {Brief} Thoughts On The Brazilian Wax

Now my husband is a man of few words. It goes with being international and mysterious.

So when I let him know I was planning on a full de-fuzz before my recent op, he said nowt. Schtum was him.

Maybe he was offended that it was all for the surgeon’s benefit. Being keen for my dear obs/gyn to do a lovely job and to get that scalpel just where it needed to go, I though the less fuzz in the way the better.

I’m still wincing at the whole experience.

Anyway, before I went into hospital my beautician up the road did the deed and it wasn’t too painful. I asked  Paul his thoughts. Never a chatterbox, his answer was straight to the point.

‘No need to lay out the welcome mat for me, my sweet.’

And that was it. I was too busy laughing to ask for further info anyway.

But tragically, the welcome mat will be back. I’m not into this whole fur-free business. My daughter is a little girl and her little flower looks like that. I’m a big, grown up woman who has grown four children in her tummy and is (amazingly) still sexually active.

Don’t want to look pre-pubescent, it just doesn’t feel right.

Sorry hubby.

Is your husband a man of few words like mine?

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Posted on: December 4, 2012