Eight More Great Sydney Cafes Beside Playgrounds

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One of the most popular posts on this blog is  Sydney’s Best Cafes Beside Playgrounds.

Now I knew there are many more good cafes near playgrounds so I commissioned this post from the lovely  Rebecca who writes an excellent blog Little Munch.  

Rebecca writes really detailed posts, with everything you need to know before you visit cafes with kids. But don’t pop over to visit her yet, read this post first (and there’s a link to her blog at the end of the post to.)

Take it away Rebecca….

I have a secret to tell you – I hate playgrounds! They are tedious and oh so very dull and don’t get me started about how many hours in the last 6 years I’ve lost pushing swings.

So I’ve been on a mission of late to find playgrounds that have cafes right next to them because if I can physically sit in a café whilst my babes are happily playing and not annoying me, then I’m one happy Mumma.

So my fellow parents do a little happy dance and jive your way into one of these awesome alphabetically suburb sorted cafes tomorrow:


Reflections Café – Blacktown

Reflections overlooks a beautifully designed park that has both a water play area and awesome playground facilities. Kids can run amok whilst you enjoy your coffee and super cheap café fare.

Little ones may need to be watched closely as there are areas where they can fall easily and a water course that runs through the park could pose a hazard for little wanderers.


Kellermans Café at Enmore Park

Enmore Park is home to the rocket ship playground and also the very tasty Kellerman’s Café. When you sit outside the café you have a fairly decent view over the park and a nearby climbing frame.

However for those of you with little astronauts you may have to eat before or after they fly to the moon, as this part of playground is just a little bit far away in case you need to leap to the rescue of you kid as they fall back to earth.


The Tuckshop at Glenhaven

This is one funky café and it serves some of the best coffee in the North West. The cafe is actually across the car park from the playground, so you can’t really sit at the café and watch your kids play.

But what you can do is grab a picnic blanket from the café or sit on one of the picnic tables in the park and eat your food there, as all of the food served by the Tuckshop comes in disposable containers!


Sapphires Café at Glenmore Park

This is the ultimate café by a playground because you can sit outside the café whilst your kids run wild in the all ages and abilities playground, which is fully fenced. The coffee is decent and the food delicious and I think you might even get a read of the morning paper in too before the kidlets come back demanding a slushie or a sweet looking cupcake from the café.


The Local Press Café at Lilyfield

The playground right next to the Local Press is only small but it will still occupy kidlets long enough for you to down a delicious coffee brewed from house roasted beans.

When you sit on an outside table you have perfect sight of your babes but be warned, there are swings, so you may have to get up and give a push, or just ignore them like I do.


Melaleuca House – Mt Annan

Located in the sprawling Australian Botanic Gardens, Melaleuca House is a restaurant/café that serves some delicious food in an idyllic setting. From the outdoor seating area you do have views over the fully fenced playground so older kids can easily play whilst you enjoy your meal.

If you have little ones then ask for your food to be placed in take away containers and you can eat at one of the picnic tables in the playground.


Pirrama Park Café –Pyrmont

Pirrama Park has both an excellent playground as well as a water play area and the location is stunning as it is right on the Harbour’s edge. The café is more like a kiosk but is serves a decent brew and simple café fare.

All of the outdoor seating has a good view over the playground but as the Harbour is close, keep a close eye on your kidlets, as you don’t want them wandering off and falling into the drink.

(Read Seana’s post on Pirrama Playground here.)


Meze Me Café – Rouse Hill

A beautiful café located in an old house that serves Middle Eastern inspired food. The playground is not easily visible from the outdoor seating area due to hedging around the dining area impairing your view.

It may be best to have a play before or after you dine, or if you have independent older kids they should be fine having a great time in the reptile inspired playground.


Grounds Keeper Café – Ryde

A personal favourite because the food is just soooo good, you can sit in the café whilst your kids have awesome fun playing in the playground that is right next to it.

Some tables have views over the playground whilst others have views over the park and petanque pitch. The homemade cakes at the Grounds Keeper are to die for and the owners are ever so friendly and love kids.



Thank you Rebecca! There are plenty there to keep us going!


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Do pop over to visit Rebecca at  Little Munch, it really is a fab blog about eating out with kids in Sydney. 

Rebecca is on Facebook at Little Munch here.

What’s your top family-friendly Sydney cafe tip for 2015?

Happy exploring!


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Posted on: November 1, 2015