Off To Orange – Off and On

Orange beautiful house 2

Gorgeous federation house in central Orange.

Hello from Orange where, for family reasons, I’ll be spending a bit of time in the coming weeks and months.

It’s not a hardship, is it? I love getting to know places well and hope to be here enough to search out some lovely spots to share with you.

One post to look out for will be  ‘Cafes In Orange With Wifi.’  I’ll start researching that one tomorrow.

Meantime, I come to you from Orange City Library where you can get two hours of wifi for free, plus they let members of any other NSW library join as a reciprocal member. Lovely to feel so welcome.

Orange painted chimney

One of the things I already love about this NSW Central West city is that there are so many beautiful old houses. I’ve been walking around admiring them, and loving some painted chimneys. So stylish.

And I loved the old house below too, loads of character amidst the bleached woodwork.

Orange old house oil paint 700

I mucked about with this in Photoshop and used an ‘oil painting’ filter.

Will be here all week but am planning to do the “This Week In Sydney” post as usual as there’s lots of material already.  I should add it’s all wifi willing.

Isn’t all of life?

Hope the start of term goes well for all those with kids returning to school.

Take it easy,

Seana xx


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Posted on: July 19, 2016


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