Queenscliff Beach and Rock Pool on Sydney’s North Shore

Queenscliff beach rock pool Sydney

Of course, we should never play favourites, neither with beaches nor with our kids.

But can I confess a little love affair with Queenscliff beach and rock pool? Mainly it’s because they are so close to the fantastic Lagoon Park Playground.

But also, I’ve sneaked down here when the kids are all at school, swum some laps in the pool and then gone for a coffee to the Jellyfish Cafe just along the road.

It’s heaven, I tell you. It’s the definition of good living.

Queenscliff beach surf club rock pool

Love the building the SLSC is in. Toilets and change rooms are here.

Find Queenscliff Surf Life Saving Club website here.

Queenscliff beach rock pool-2

Here’s a view of the beach, rock pool and the cliffs.  In the early 1900s little holiday shacks were dotted along this headland… how times have changed.

Queenscliff beach rock pool -6

There’s nothing like swimming in the rock pool when waves are breaking over like this. Exhilerating!

Queenscliff Beach and Rock Pool, Manly

Named Queenscliff in honour of Queen Victoria, this section of beach is at the far northern end of the famous Manly beach. There is an offshore break here, but don’t ask me any more about surfing here, I’m clueless.

There are flags out, usually in front of the SLSC, in summertime and, of course, we always need to swim and splash between the flags.

My kids and I have had great fun in the rock pool, swimming and jumping in, and the kids enjoy scrambling around the rocks there.

Great points about this beach are that it’s so much easier to park here than it is down at the busier main Manly Beach.  Also there are good cafes and surf shops very close by. And the fab Lagoon Park playground plus bike tracks and walks are within spitting distance…. well, under the bridge actually.

Queenscliff Beach is very wide, lots of space to play. It’s hard work for little legs though, to walk fromt he prom down to the beach and rock pool.  Or tired, older legs.

Parking: Paid parking along North Steyne, some free parking around the playground.

Shade: Not on the beach, some by pool depending on time of day.

Cafes: There are some cafes across North Steyne and down a little. There’s a milk bar opposite the SLCS.

Extra: You can walk all the way to Shelly Beach along the promenade, a really lovely stroller-friendly 5km return walk.

Queenscliff beach baths-4

Queenscliff beach baths-10

Moody Instagram shot

Queenscliff beach baths-1

Walking from Queenscliff to Shelly Beach is gorgeous

Queenscliff beach baths-3

This little playground is on the way

Queenscliff beach baths-5

Is my teenager out there somewhere?

 Do you ever get to Queenscliff Beach?

Or do you never get out of Lagoon park playground?!

Happy splashing,


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Posted on: August 23, 2013