Self-Care Saturday 1: What Have You Done To Look After Yourself This Week?

A photo of the bright green sea weed we swam over at Mona Vale this morning. Gorgeous!

I have a notion for a regular post called Self Care Saturday. A wee record of what I’ve done to look after myself during the week.

I’d love you to list a few things you did this week to look after yourself in the comments.

Mums can be SO CRAP at looking after themselves and putting their needs first.

It always backfires. Don’t do it girls.

Take up RUTHLESS self care. The family will thank you for it.


Here’s a wee list from me:

Read ‘Wolf Hall’ by Hilary Mantel – fantastic Booker-winning novel

Watches episodes of the spooky Nordic noir series “The Bridge’

Loved watching a DVD with the teens and hubby ‘In Time.’

Today’s swim in the sea – totally life affirming… and no sharks, not even sucked by a wobbegong.

The Science of Compassion – listened to this podcast from ABC’s All In The Mind, a wonderful human story and uplifting, inspirational information

Can you tell I’ve been away with no internet!?

Ah, this is all SO much easier now my children aren’t so little anymore.

And my hubby has been here for the past three weeks. Easy street.

So  now ladies and jellyspoons. Cough up! 

What did you do this week to take care of yourself?



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Posted on: January 5, 2013