Self-Care Saturday 1: What Have You Done To Look After Yourself This Week?

A photo of the bright green sea weed we swam over at Mona Vale this morning. Gorgeous!

I have a notion for a regular post called Self Care Saturday. A wee record of what I’ve done to look after myself during the week.

I’d love you to list a few things you did this week to look after yourself in the comments.

Mums can be SO CRAP at looking after themselves and putting their needs first.

It always backfires. Don’t do it girls.

Take up RUTHLESS self care. The family will thank you for it.


Here’s a wee list from me:

Read ‘Wolf Hall’ by Hilary Mantel – fantastic Booker-winning novel

Watches episodes of the spooky Nordic noir series “The Bridge’

Loved watching a DVD with the teens and hubby ‘In Time.’

Today’s swim in the sea – totally life affirming… and no sharks, not even sucked by a wobbegong.

The Science of Compassion – listened to this podcast from ABC’s All In The Mind, a wonderful human story and uplifting, inspirational information

Can you tell I’ve been away with no internet!?

Ah, this is all SO much easier now my children aren’t so little anymore.

And my hubby has been here for the past three weeks. Easy street.

So  now ladies and jellyspoons. Cough up! 

What did you do this week to take care of yourself?




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Posted on: January 5, 2013


  • Reply January 5, 2013


    This week I made healthy choice in what I ate and drank and I exercised according to what my body was capable of !!!
    Love your idea of self-care Saturday to reflect on what we’ve done for ourselves. You are so right – when we look after ourselves we are better able to look after our family.
    Have a great Sunday my friend !
    Me xox

    • Reply January 5, 2013


      Thank you… think I’ll have a day off exercise… a pottering day as much as can be had with all these unruly bairns in the house. An old pal I used to work with in Scotland is coming over with her wee girls in the afternoon, my daughter will be so delighted. And a treat for me to chatter to a good pal too.

  • Reply January 6, 2013

    Hotly Spiced

    I love Mona Vale beach. What a great place for a swim. Did you read the stats in today’s paper? They were saying there’s only been 500 shark deaths since 1500. The odds are so good we have nothing to fear about a swim in the ocean! (Not that many swam in the 150o’s which could mean the odds are slightly less!)

    • Reply January 7, 2013


      I have been reading the stats, and also hearing that a few beaches were closed whilst we were away. When I swim, I just think ‘well, it’s worth it for the risk, and if a shark munches me, I’m not really going to know much about it.’

      Life’s too short, isn’t it, we have to seize the day… and used to seize the night too but my grip is much gentler these days!

  • Reply January 9, 2013

    Mairi Stones

    Green green green juices for breakfast, walk, a little gardening, chatting to good friends, getting knitting wool and pattern which I’ve been meaning to do for ages, good sleep, a deep hot bath, tra la la, and off for Reiki session now, followed by long walk in the countryside. The truth is that doing things i say I want to is one of the best self-care things I know, honouring self. XX

    • Reply January 10, 2013


      That’s a long list of lovely things Mairi. Sounds peaceful and fulfilling.

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    This week I got my nails done, read “Kris Jenner and all things Kardashian” (hey, she’s a great business woman … I might learn something), went to bed really early three nights in a row and SLEPT, went to the doctor and finally got a little niggle sorted.
    Happy Friday!
    Have a great weekend Seana
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • Reply January 11, 2013

    Catherine Rodie Blagg

    Well not a lot… BUT.. I do have a hair appointment on Saturday and then I’m meeting a friend for afternoon tea in the city. Can’t wait!

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    Mona Vale is a special beach for me – my Nanna lives across the road and I have spent countless childhood hours scouring the rock pools next to the pool. In September last year I took my kids to visit her – it was wonderful to see it all again.
    Both my girls have been pretty crook this week, so self-care hasn’t been a major priority BUT I have turned the air con on without worrying about the power bill AND I am saying ‘no’ to a party tonight in favour of a quiet night with the kids.
    I love the idea of being accountable for some self-care. I’ll keep checking in.

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    I’ve done quite a bit of reading during the day this week, which I don’t usually do. It’s normally in bed at night.
    And I’ve been finding the beauty in everyday to fulfil my challenge of 365 Days Of Grateful.
    Oh, and I’ve been doing my cross stitch every night in front of the tele too! 🙂

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    I really like all the things on your list – some great suggestions for reading and watching, thanks! As for me, let me stop and think… I blew off a date with my daughter for next week instead, so the one great thing I had planned for myself is postponed! An early night tonight would be the best self-care action I could take right now.

    • Reply January 11, 2013


      Had a much needed early night last night too. Have been up too late as I need the time alone! Sleep is the bedrock isn’t it??

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    Sat down with a book and a cup of tea in the middle of the afternoon. I’m also trying to eat well after the holidays.

    • Reply January 11, 2013


      A cup of tea, the acme of good living!

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    I had a shower AND dried my hair all in 1 go. Does that count?? 😉

    • Reply January 11, 2013


      Oh lovely! I haven’t blow dried my hair for 14 years. That’s one for my self care to do list.

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    You know I love this post, it’s made me realise next week I’m going to do something really selfish just for me!!! Happy weekend! Emily

    • Reply January 11, 2013


      Go for it! Do pop over tomorrow for this week’s Self Care Saturday post!

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    What a wonderful post and a very important message here.

    Here are a few things I did this week/will do over the weekend that are my soul fuel.

    Tend to the beautiful herbs growing in my balcony.
    A foot reflexology massage.

    Happy weekend all xo

    • Reply January 11, 2013


      Ah, great and a reminder to me to get my herbs and veggies tidied up. Thank you.

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    Oh this is a good one! I actually went back to work this week after mat leave, and while that is on the whole quite crap and my workplace is deranged, there were self carey type moments…lunch by myself, a quiet coffee in the cafe, that sort of thing. Excellent!!

    • Reply January 11, 2013


      Great to hear. Good to really notice and enjoy these wee moments.

  • Reply January 11, 2013


    Good on you. I escaped (thanks Nanna for babysitting) twice to go to the chiropractor. And I’ve gone for my run every morning 🙂

  • Reply January 12, 2013


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    • Reply January 12, 2013


      Thank you will pop over.

  • Reply January 13, 2013


    RUTHLESS self-care is the only way to go, Seana!!!
    Let’s go for that ocean swim soon! x

  • Reply January 13, 2013


    Oh yeahhhh so very important for Mum to look after Mum!! This week, I managed to grab 2 sneaky little day time naps when Baby Girl went to visit Grandma – felt 1000% better for it too!
    Thanks for reminding us all, Seana x

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