(Death By) White Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe + A Big Birthday Boy

White Chocolate Mud Cake pin
If you’re looking for a cake that has healthy attributes throw your arms in the air and run away screaming.

This simple white chocolate mud cake is the least healthy cake known to man: it’s basically an instant coronary.

You have been warned.

Now if you want to skip straight to the recipe, click here White Chocolate Mud Cake Printable Recipe, on white background.

White Choc Mud Cake

But if you fancy a prettier PDF recipe, click here.

Or read on for more of the background story and get to the recipe later!

Easy white chocolate mud cake wide shot

This cake is the teenagers’ new birthday cake of choice, so twice a year I make it, with love.

Teen16 became Teen17 yesterday and this is the cake we celebrated with. He was delighted.  He needs to run a half marathon now to burn the calories off.

Easy white chocolate mud cake

By teenagers request, there are no photos of the candles or himself blowing. These modern kids do know their digital rights.

simple white chocolate mud cake ingredients

The eggs look like the only super healthy ingredient!

The recipe is from a book called Cafe Cakes, by the Women’s Weekly. My two sisters and I have have that small recipe book and we swear by it.


Melting the milk, butter, chocolate and butter – very gently. The butter was very soft so I didn’t bother to chop it up.


Mixing it up… I’m using a longer exposure here to get the movement of my spoon, had the camera on a tripod.


Whisking all the ingredients in together.


Here’s one of the tins, the top has gone a bit hard and cracked on this one. Too hot maybe?  Didn’t matter.

Simple white chocolate mud cake

At this point, I decided we’d better drizzle all over.


So there you have it. One son one year older… always a little voice at the back of my mind saying: ‘I want my baby back!!’  Last year, I was allowed to put some photos of him up and write 16 things about it.

But not this year. Fair enough, son. But the cake goes out into the world!

Please don’t make it if you already have clogged arteries. Luckily, I’d had a big swim with the Bold and the Beautiful yesterday morning… I needed some simple carbohydrates… and I got them!

Click here for a printable recipe for White Chocolate Mud cake.  

I always find it easier to cook using the recipe on a signle page, or even better 

Hope your week goes well, and the baking too.

Do you make the odd death by chocolate cake?

Or are all your cakes of nothing but dates, nuts and organic cocoa??

Don’t tell me!


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Posted on: March 10, 2014