Sydney Park Playground, St Peters – Sydney’s Best Playgrounds with Cafes (Updated)

Sydney Park Cafe playground

This is a totally groovy, state of the art playground with – shout hooray!- a lovely cafe.

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It’s wonderful spot and will keep children of all ages – even my teens – exercised and interested.

Quick, get your bag, grab bikes and trikes and head out.  PS Don’t forget to take the kids.

Sydney park playground cafe

Sydney Park Playground and Biketrack

Sydney Park Road, St Peters NSW 2044

Council website here

Sydney Park is a large green space covering over 40 hectares close to the city centre. On its western side is a very large and very groovy playground, and fairly close to that, on the northern side, is an elaborate biketrack, known as CARES (Community and Road Education Scheme.)

The playground is very modern, and looks rather futuristic. It has lots and lots of different equipment, there is something there for all ages and abilities. There is a colourful hill area with four slides of different lengths, spicas, a big spiders web climbing frame, a dry creek bed, a huge huge and very high wobbly bridge and rows of swings.

There are two sandpits, one is enclosed and raised high, very practical for wheelchair users. There are sculptures and artworks, plus picnic tables. It’s got the lot!

The Sydney Park Cycling Centre  is very elaborate, a great place to learn the rules of the road as is its intention.

There are traffic lights, pedestrian crossing, roundabouts and plenty of traffic noise too from Sydney Park Road.  You can see some great photos of the cycletrack here (this is the Facebook page of Babies & Kids in the City, a guide to Manchester in the UK.

Nearest coffee: Sydney Park Kiosk is beside the playground, has tables and chairs.

Toilets: Yes

Shade: Yes

Enclosed: No, but far from cars

Mum’s report: This is a great find, there’s so much to do and the kids can ride their bikes both at the playground and the cycletrack. The café is very child-friendly, and there’s heaps of shade at the playground (but not the biketrack.)

It’s quite a visual feast, which the kids may not notice but we parents certainly do.

Map reference: Gregory’s 374 K11 Sydway UBD 18 D6

Parking: Carpark by playground off Barwon Park Road, also one beside cycletrack off Sydney Park Road.

Nearest station: St Peters is close by

Bus stop nearby: Yes

sydney park playground cafe

 There are lots of interesting sculptures around the playground.

sydney park playground cafe

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Can you recommend a great playground with a cafe attached?

Does your heart sing when you see one?


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Posted on: November 19, 2013

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