Lifesaver Cafe, Narrabeen… has closed!

Oh no – Lifesavers has closed…  oh no!!!  It’s re-oping at the end of November, I believe and when it does, I’ll visit and write a post.

End of an era!



If you’re in search of a great beachside cafe on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, look no further!

Lifesavers Cafe is child-friendly and within spitting distance of the beach and a small playground.  Winner.

Lifesaver Cafe

1 Malcolm St (cnr Ocean St), Narrabeen
02 99133266
Open: Mon – Sun: 7:00 am – 4:00 pm

Facebook page here.

This cafe has a fantastic laid-back, beachside feel… quite rightly, it’s in Narrabeen and close to the beach.

Lifesaver Cafe has lots of space, a good menu and plenty of comfy lounges to relax on if you’ve been up overnight with the kids.

Children are welcome and the menu for them is good.

The exterior part of the cafe has shade and although the views are not spectacular, it’s great to see the ocean is just over there.

 You will need to watch out if your child is a bolter as the cafe is on a fairly busy road.

Stroller-friendly: There are some steps up to the cafe, and strollers are often left outside; good space inside though.

Toilets/ Baby change: Yes

Good stuff nearby:  There’s a rather old-fashioned playground across the road, the beach is just across the carpark.

Mum’s report:  A friendly spot, terrific atmosphere and so close to the beach.  You can walk across the bridge over the lake and then walk along to the great rock baths at the end of Narrabeen beach too.  Quite a hike for little legs but so pretty when there.

Parking: There is a carpark directly opposite the cafe on Ocean Street

Bus stop nearby: Yes


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Do you take your children out for breakfast?
Where’s your favourite spot?

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Posted on: January 25, 2012


  • Reply January 25, 2012


    Great find! We are always looking for great (kid-friendly) destination cafes on the northern beaches for a sunday drive. Bookmarked this! Thanks Seana ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Reply January 25, 2012

    Denyse Whelan

    Hi Seana,
    Agree with your verdict!
    Have had a great lunch there last year with my brother & niece ( they live on corner just towards the lake)& my dad.
    Then apparently four generations of my family (8 in total) sat around a big table last Sunday for lunch.. My dad, bro & SIL, niece, my son & DIL & grandson 4 & GD2!

  • Reply January 25, 2012


    We’re in Melbourne and I can’t remember taking the kids out for breakfast anywhere yet! They would have to be open pretty early ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Reply January 26, 2012


      LOL, very true about the early… usually when we go out with the little ones they are out for a second breakfast… with the big ones we have to drag them out of bed to come. But we’ve had some shocking times when out with the kids too, they can behave very badly, some of them are NOT GOOD at sitting still at tables… unlike their mum…

  • Reply January 25, 2012

    Nicole (SportyMummy)

    Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m so glad you did because I just love your blog. We often stay in Sydney and are looking for great places to take the kids…this will be great!!!

  • Reply January 27, 2012

    Whyalla Accommodation

    This is the first time I’ve been to your site. Thanks for providing more information.

  • Reply January 31, 2012


    I love this place. It is just up the road from where I live and the kids love a sunday morning brekkie here. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Best kept secret, not so secret anymore lol xx

    • Reply January 31, 2012


      Hello Sonia, how lucky to live near there, the beach is so beautiful there and so close to such a very Aussie, beachy cafe. Popping over to visit you in a min.

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