The Kids Clubs At Palmer Coolum Resort – Our Family Review


UPDATE: This hotel is currently closed


Ah, 50% of the offspring are back at school. Peace at last… teens can be very quiet, especially when they sleep, and they sleep a lot.

Anyway, here’s the first of two posts about the  Palmer Coolum Resort on the Sunshine Coast.

We went there at the request of our International Man of Mystery, who was home for the whole of the school holidays (hooray) and who fancied a golfing trip. Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort art crafts I think he secretly fancied a golf holiday for just himself and Teen16 but I invited myself and the other three children along and, at vast expense to his back pocket, we spent a week at this resort.

The next post will be a look at the holiday overall. This one just focuses on the Kids Club and kids’ activities.

Reviews of kids clubs are really popular on this blog – hello Club Med Bali and the Outrigger Resort in Fiji.  

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort info board

Resort websites give very little information about their kids clubs, I find. So here’s a post with lots of photos and info  so you know exactly what to expect if you visit this one.

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort playground

The sandpit at the Kookaburras Club

The Kids Clubs at Palmer Coolum Resort

Well, let’s just start by saying that all the staff  at the kids clubs were really terrific. The ones I talked to were trained teachers, with great ideas for activities and heaps of experience with children of all ages.

Before we went, I wasn’t sure  I would meet them at all. The twins are seven now and  they swore blind they didn’t want to go to kids club. They wanted to spend  ALL their time with me, they said.

With my eye on the adults only Spa and pool, I took them to visit the kids club and they changed their minds. Relief!

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort

Art works at the Kookaburras Club

The twins spent two four hour sessions in kids club and also did one excursion  to a Zone 3 laser shooting place during our stay.

They also did lots of activities – more on those below.

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort twins playing

Rusty Rocket and Minnie The Minx in the Kookaburras Club play area

Here’s the general info on the kids clubs:

There are three kids clubs which cater to children from six weeks to ten years.  Each club has its own section of the kids club building, and its own play area.  The rooms are quite small in fact, but the kids didn’t mind that and the equipment is good.

Possums Club is for children six weeks to two years old and runs in three hour sessions.

Joeys Club is for children aged two to five years and runs in four hour sessions.

Kookaburras Club is for kids aged five to ten and runs in four-hour sessions.

Kids club sessions varies in price from $55 to $75. You can book two sessions a day no problems. Evening activities are also on offer when there is enough demand.

The carers run really terrific activities for the kids: lots of art and craft, sandcastle building, music, outdoor play, swimming for the older kids and lots of games and more.

Wallabies Club is the name given to the off-site excursions groups, children can be from four – ten years, older children are welcome to go too. These only run in school holidays, and visit places like Australia Zoo, the Zone 3 Laser game my kids went to and the nearby fun parks. Excursions vary in price around $85 – $105

 NB You need to book kids clubs at least 24 hours in advance.

Babysitters are also available to look after children in your room at the Resort.

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort art room

The art and craft room at Kookaburras Club

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort games room

Games room at Kookaburras Club

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort play room

Imaginative play area at Joeys Club

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort play rooms 2

Joeys Club main room

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort

Joeys Club main room

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort

Joeys Club outdoor play

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort little playground

Joeys Club playground – in need of a good brush

Evening Kids Play At The Ambassador Club

The Ambassador Club is basically the posh end of the resort.  We stayed here in a humungous three bedroom house, called a Presidential Suite. There are also two bedroom houses here called Ambassador Suites.

Guests in these suites can use the Ambassador Club, a lovely room and outdoor space where breakfast is served. There are two tennis courts here and a swimming pool too.

Complimentary drinks and canapes are served to guests between 6pm – 7pm and in school holidays, kids games are run by a kids club team member on the tennis courts.

Kids Club Palmer Coolum Resort

Kids games in the evening at the Ambassador Club

Our kids absolutely loved these games, and the juice and chips they got at the end too. Each evening hubby and I kicked back with cool refreshment, nibbles and lovely canapés whilst the kids ran themselves ragged. It was sublime.

The kids made good pals and we got to chat to other parents. Marvellous.  

201305 Coolum -144-blog

Here’s me watching the kids play five a side

Children’s Activities at The Palmer Coolum Resort

There are many sports and activities organised for children and teenagers and my mob enjoyed lots of them.

Dexbox joined in with lots of the tennis coaching and playing, which involved a swim and lunch too. He also loved archery.  The twins were disgruntled because the lower age for archery is eight and they are seven. Next time twins.  Tennis and archery have to be paid for.

Dex also did some arty crafty things, and the twins also loved a bit of soccer and AFL. The twins did a Dinosaur Dig and lots of art and craft and swimming whilst at kids club.


An example of activities on offer in school holidays

We all cycled around using the free bikes we had for the week, it’s a huge resort.

There are many activities for the adults too. Teen16 was very busy playing golf with his dad, the two of them played every day and enjoyed some short free coaching sessions too.

I went to the gym and did laps in the adults only pool, and also had some essential beautifying done at the Spa.


Any Whinges?

Well yes, I SO wish that the cost of kids club wasn’t extra to the general cost.

It was very ouchy to sign off on $150 for the twins to attend kids club for four hours. It made my massage at the Spa that day feel very expensive indeed.

I do much prefer an all-inclusive holiday. You pay the same it just feels less.

The three kids excursion to Zone 3 cost $90 each.  I can come over all Scottish and feel the pain of that cost. But I did battle my way through feeling like a terrible spendthrift and the hours in the Spa were not regretted for a moment.

We were on a golf and spa package at the Resort so the golf and spa felt free even though it was anything but!

It’s silly isn T it, but that’s the way it feels.

Also, the outdoor areas at the kids club needed a good sweep… as did lots of the public areas at this resort. More of that in the next post about the resort in general.


In the meantime, the holidays are well and truly over… back to the washing, cooking and cleaning for me.

Did you go anywhere good in the school holidays?

Delighted to hear of parks, playgrounds and beaches that worked well for your family.

Take it easy and happy travelling


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Posted on: October 9, 2013


  • Reply October 9, 2013


    Ouch indeed! I must admit to wincing when I read the cost of the Kid’s Club and activities. While they certainly sounded excellent, and would have kept my two entertained, it would have been a hefty add-on to the cost of the holiday. My kids went to visit their Dad for most of the holidays, but we did have a short break at the Paradise Resort on the Gold Coast first. It was heaven! Kid’s Club is included there, but then mine didn’t want to go. But there’s a huge water park where I can lay on a deck chair and watch them, and kid’s club workers run games by the pool so they can participate and keep busy throughout (also included). It’s bliss. I only wish we could have stayed longer.

    • Reply October 9, 2013

      Seana Smith

      That resort sounds good… popping over to see if you have posted on it as I’d love to read a post on it… and note it to my file!

  • Reply October 9, 2013


    I haven’t posted about our most recent stay yet, but will as soon as I work out how to sort out a problem with my photo storage!

  • Reply October 9, 2013


    It looks like a great place for the kids, and I do love Coolum!
    LOL about teenagers and sleep… thank God they sleep a lot!! Mine also winge a lot and eat a lot… sleep is the better option 😉

  • Reply October 9, 2013

    Desire Empire

    Glad you had a great time and agree that an all inc. price would feel better. Those prices make over seas holidays and cruises look good on price.

  • Reply October 9, 2013

    Mairi Stones

    Love the idea of the adult canapés and drinks, what a treat on a family holiday. We’ve never been to a resort type holiday and wince at the price. Off to Mallorca as usual for us, in just over a week’s time. I’m going with teens so should be pretty easy and actually give me plenty of me time, though no spa to go to ! X

    • Reply October 9, 2013

      Seana Smith

      Yes, teens are no trouble and leave one time and space… mine are so keen to avoid me and never ben seen in public with me… the seven year olds are another story.

      Do worry that the kids are missing out on the swashbuckling adventures we had as kids… we’ve had the odd adventure but nothing like our childhood holidays… feels like a big loss to them… thank goodness for the beach and rock pools though.

  • Reply October 10, 2013

    Deborah Dickson-Smith

    I spent some time with Miss 12 at Changi Airport these school holidays and I have to say it’s better than most resort kids clubs and it’s all FREE. The transit hotel is remarkably cheap – $125 for a family suite (with kitchen), access to rooftop pool, world’s tallest slide, butterfly garden, enchanted garden, free Playstation and Internet stations, massage chairs… I could go on, but I’ll save it for my next post 🙂

    • Reply October 10, 2013

      Seana Smith

      Do post ASAP, it sounds great. The next time I go to Bali , I will fly through Singapore to avoid the dreadful overnight flight home… I wrote this as if I go to Bali ALL the time… which I don’t, but I can dream… and so that hotel sounds ideal for us as a layover hotel.

      And FREE… which is always appealling.

  • Reply October 11, 2013


    Ouch! I would have struggled to enjoy my massage (mostly because I would have spent half the time slowly working out the price per minute) – gah!

    Disappointed to have missed you when you were so close. Next time! xx

  • Reply October 11, 2013

    Lydia C. Lee

    I look forward to reading your resort report -we used to go all the time when it was Hyatt but haven’t been since it became Palmer. My youngest, who was 3 when we were last there, suddenly asked if we could go to the place where you bike ride and there are dinosaurs. It took me awhile to work out where she meant, but wondering if we go to check out the crazy reptiles….(I love that outdoor spa in the spa – just heaven!)

  • Reply October 11, 2013

    Leanne Winter

    Great review, Seana. It sounded wonderful up until the cost part. Would it kill them to offer a discount for 2 kids? Probably out of our price range I would think but I’m glad you got to have a chance to relax and put your feet up.

  • Reply October 11, 2013

    Ai Sakura

    It\’s really wonderful that they have 3 kids club to cater to all the kids at different ages and they look really well-maintained and jam-packed with wonderful activities. However at that price, the clubs better be!!! At least you had a good massage so I guess it\’s worth the price ?? :p

  • Reply October 11, 2013


    My first thought “ouch” at the price of the kids club.
    However I was impressed that they broke the age groups down. I usually find that whilst pre-schoolers and up to about 6 are well catered for tweens are often left out.

    Look forward to reading about the rest of the trip.

  • Reply October 12, 2013

    Hotly Spiced

    Is this the Hyatt Coolum with a new name? I love it there but yes; it’s not cheap! But there’s so much to do and I love the parent’s only area with the beautiful pool and all those spa treatments – it’s so peaceful and serene xx

    • Reply October 13, 2013

      Seana Smith

      Hi Charlie, yes this is the Hyatt Coolum as was. My friend used to rave it about it years ago and I’d been wanting to go for a long time. The Spa bit was terrific, loved the women only section. More to come on that in next post… it does need sprucing up in parts though.

  • Reply October 13, 2013


    That does seem quite exxy Seana – my parents just came to the GC for the weekend and we stayed at the Mantra Crown Towers and wow that place is great for kids, with 4/5 different swim areas, beach like pool and a slide and playground! I have to say that place looks a little old – is that the word, not bad but I would much prefer my kids to be running around outside at kid’s club places. I hope we can get our kids to Fiji soon – a nice place with lots of fun and all inclusive stuff. Glad you have hubby home – HUGS!!! Em xx

  • Reply October 16, 2013

    Mellisa Turner

    It sounds great. The pictures are very beautiful. It seems it is a nice place for kids where they can enjoy.

  • Firstly, good to know posts about kids clubs are popular, I’ve been thinking about writing up the kids club at club med Bali but you did such a good job of it already I was hanging back. The psychology of paying extra is very important. I know the cost of this one would make me feel tense.

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