Things To Do at South West Rocks With Kids

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South West Rocks, is it a real place on the coast of New South Wales, or a mental space of peace and calm and endless holidays?

Our family only spent three nights at South West Rocks, but we totally understand why others come back here for a week or two year after year after year.

Tranquility, simplicity, ease.… beautiful beaches, old-fashioned friendliness and service and some history over there at Trial Bay and Smoky Cape. 
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Yes, the names are as evocative as the memories… and just look at that photo above of Horseshoe bay on a winter’s day.  Horseshoe Bay is right in the centre of the town, with groovy cafes and a caravan park right alongside it.

How could you not fall in love? Why would you resist?

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Things To Do at South West Rocks With Kid

Explore the beaches in town

There’s Horseshoe Bay and alongside it the long sweep of Main Beach, with very climbable rocks scattered around.

South west rocks town


This playground is on the reserve in town, there are kiosks and cafes there too.

South west rocks town_8

Visit Smoky Cape Lighthouse

Just a short drive out of town, this is historic Smoky Cape. Check the NPWS website for guided tours in school holidays.

There are cottages up there which would make a scenic place to stay too.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse 700_5

It’s a steep old walk up from the car park to the lighthouse.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse 700_4

But, man, the views are worth it.

Smoky Cape Lighthouse 700_3

Visit Little Bay

This tiny bay and beach are incredibly pretty. I’m not sure how safe it would be for kids to swim in warmer weather as the waves were surging strongly. Perhaps safer at high tide?

little bay kangaroos

But Little Cape is a marvellous place to visit, and to chill out.

little bay kangaroos_1

And to see kangaroos too. This mob let us watch them and seemed very relaxed with our clicking cameras.

little bay kangaroos_6


Visit Trial Bay Gaol

We do love a good gaol, and this one is well preserved and the historic information is presented well.

Trial Bay Gaol_4

Of course, this is history of the more gory and gruelling kid. Ideal for my kids who love a bit of gruesome.

Trial Bay Gaol_1


Trial Bay Gaol_2

Trial Bay Gaol

Play At Trial Bay Beach

At sunset because it’s beautiful.

South West Rocks sunset_3

This part of the bay looks west to where the suns sets, unusual on the east coast of Australia.

South West Rocks sunset_2


Find Child-Friendly Cafes

We can recommend the lovely Honey and Malt in South West Rocks itself. We enjoyed our breakfast here a lot.

South west rocks town_6 South west rocks town_7 South west rocks town_5

And the Full Circle Eatery at Big4 Sunshine where we stayed is fabulous as it has its own enclosed playground, plus a good menu and heaps of space inside too.

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe_10

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe_9

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe_2

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe_1

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe_3

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe_6

Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks cafe_8

Did I get a bit carried away with the camera there?

These were the two cafes we loved when in South West Rocks, I’m sure there are many more and I’d love to add your suggestions into this post.


Other Cool Stuff to Do With Kids at South West Rocks

Fish on the Macleay River break wall

Ride your bike along the walkway by the beach, and on the beach itself too

Visit the Rocks Skate park

Snorkel at Back Creek

Boogie board and surf

Play golf at South West Rocks golf course – my husband enjoyed his round

Dive or snorkel at the famous Fish Rocks off the coast


We really did enjoy our all-too-short stay at South West Rocks. Read about our stay at Big4 Sunshine South West Rocks here.


Are you planning any trips with the family?

Where are you heading?

Happy travels

Seana xxx

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Posted on: August 16, 2016