What I Did On My Digital Holidays

Haha, I feel like I am back at school again writing a post-holiday essay for the teacher.

It’s been good for me to have a break from blogging, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Not a complete break, as it turned out. I did write some posts and schedule them and did a bit of Twitter replying and Facebooked old pals in Scotland.

I’m not a 100% kind of a person. To switch off totally, totally, I’d need to go camping.


easy candle making at home

Made candles for Christmas presents, I was initially inspired by this post at Planning With Kids.

christmas cake pecans

Baked our Christmas cake after marinating dried fruit in copious amounts of rum for days and days. Not sure the filter on this photo is doing the cake any favours!

cat getting blodd pressure taken

Our dear old cat Max had a couple of trips to the vet, here his blood pressure is being taken. Not a happy cat.

boys pottering in kitchen open wall

Enjoyed the simple things, like watching big boys and hubby tidy up after dinner. Hubby has gone off now for 6 weeks – boo hoo.

kids being silly

More of the simple things, kids being silly. That’s what makes the world go around. Oh yes, and mums being silly too.

seana smith trying on clothes

Played dressups. I bought the dress on the left from Sportscraft.  Then at the Bloggers Brunch, enjoyed trying on some of the clothes by Brown Sugar. 

Also planned two parties for school mums and dad at our house – gulp!

And settled in our new American au pair, which I will blog about soon.

Hope you’ve had a good time in this first half of November.

How fast did it go?!

How’s the run up to Christmas feeling for you?

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Posted on: November 13, 2012