Holiday Season 2023: 10 Roller Skating Sydney Adding Happiness

Roller skating Sydney–Plan your everyday activities with your children this holiday season!

Are your children bored playing indoor games every weekend? You should take them out and make them play outdoor games when that happens!

What you can do is, get them their favorite roller skating pair and make them embrace the fun-filled activities of roller skating in Sydney. Roller skating is an exciting activity that kids of all ages can enjoy. Whether your child wants to twirl, skate backwards or simply glide around the rink, there are plenty of great places in Sydney where they can show off their skills. This city has something for everyone, from classic roller rinks to outdoor parks and arenas! 

We will show you a few of the best places to take your child roller skating in Sydney – so make your children grab their skates for the fun-filled adventure!

10 Super Best Roller Skating Sydney – For Your Children

For a fun activity with your child, consider roller skating. It’s a great way to bond but also a fun-filled activity. With Sydney’s many roller skating rinks, and ice skating rinks there’s sure to be one that meets your family’s needs. 

So, without any further hesitation, you can take your child roller skating at these Sydney spots:

Penrith Skatel 

Ready, steady… let’s roll! 

From Tiny Tots to adults, Penrith Skatel has a session for everyone. The park has ramps, rails, bowls, half-pipes, and other obstacles. Various skill levels can be accommodated, from beginners to advanced riders. So! If your child is a beginner for the roller skating ride, the park has all to adapt them for their trail rides. 

Penrith Skatel - Roller Skating Sydney for the Holiday Season 2023

Credit: Penrith Skatel

Alternatively, you can also attend the Saturday Night Family Disco or one of their general sessions on the weekend. The facility also offers birthday parties and learn-to-skate lessons for all ages. So, this year vacation, you can all plan for a roller skating Sydney ride !

Location: 1 Muscatel Street, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

Operating hours: 10 a.m to 12 pm, 1 pm to 4 pm 


Parramatta SkatePark 

Australia’s Parramatta SkatePark is a popular roller-skating and skateboarding facility. Featuring a variety of amenities to suit skateboarders, rollerbladers, and scooter riders, the skate park is an excellent place for a fun day of skating. Ramps, bowls, quarter pipes, grind rails, and other elements are suitable for skaters of different skill levels.

Empty roller skating park - Parramatta SkatePark

Source: Parramatta SkatePark

Location: 1 Muscatel Street, Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

Operating hours: Open 24hrs


Maximum Skate Park

Let’s make this your ultimate stop for this week! 

You want to share an excellent parental bonding with your child this holiday season, making them a memorable and enjoyable experience. Parents residing in the compact shrubs of Maximum Skate Park, the destination has a lot of outdoor fun-filled activities such as roller skating, skateboarding, scooter riding, a snack bar, a picnic area and more.

Roller Skating Sydney at Maximum Skate Park, children enjoying the skates with their firends.

Source: Maximum Skating

Whether your family circle is seeking a thrilling experience or wanting to try certain tricks, there is undoubtedly something for each of them to suit every age or skill level. 

Location: Australia

Operating hours: Check their website


Centennial Park 

An ideal place to bond and spend quality time T-O-G-E-T-H-E-RRRR! 

The Centennial Park does provide a fantastic meet and greet opportunity for the families. Parents can join the children for the roller skating activities, bond with other parents, exchange tips & tricks and engage in a friendly roller skating competition.

Children enjoying roller skating Sydney fun at Centennial Park.

Source: Centennial Parklands

Additionally, the park is equipped with many snack bars and dry places where you and your children can easily sit & eat the delicacies provided in the cafe or the brunch prepared by you. Either way, it ROCKS! 

Location: Australia

Operating hours: 7 AM to 7 PM


Sydney Park – Erskineville

An excellent option for the kids & family roller skating in Sydney! 

With various skating activities and programs for kids of all ages, the available state-of-the-art facility is the perfect place to celebrate family togetherness.

Beginners and experienced skaters will find plenty of room on the large main skating rink. Moreover, there’s a smaller rink for younger children and a prize-winning area for kids. Besides skating, your kids can burn off some energy in the on-site playground.

A trip to Roller Skating Sydney is sure to delight the entire family! 

Location: Sydney Park Rd, Erskineville

Operating hour: Opens from 7 AM


Bondi Skate Park

Gain an exceptional experience in an excellent destination! 

Wondering HOW?

The Bondi Skate features a spacious roller skating rink and beach where you and your expert packs can lace up their skates and easily glide around. Not for the learners, the skate park encourages an experienced team, so you can roll up your sleeves and hit the skating track. 

Let’s take advantage of that Bondi Skate also frequently organises theme nights, adding excitement and fun. From disco nights to themed costume events, these nights have a unique atmosphere. You can also head for the arcade game and the snack bar to refuel and recharge. 

Bondi Skatepark Roller Skating Sydney

Source: Bondi Skate Park

So what’s keeping you from enjoying roller skating at Bondi Skate Park – roller skating Sydney? Make sure to add the trip this vacation and get everything rolling. 

Location: 102 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach NSW 2026, Australia

Operating hour: Opens from 9 AM


IceZone Sydney Olympic Park

Cheer your kids from the sidelines! 

Summer in Sydney can be annoying, and Ice Zone provides a refreshing escape from the scorching heat. 

Sydney Olympic Park Roller Skating Sydney

Source: Sydney Olympic Park

The ice rink offers a calm environment where you can remain comfortably cool with the skating fun. A family-friendly environment ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Families can take up group activities, plan for a quick slide in the icy skate, play games like tag or follow the leader or even have a friendly family competition. 

Location: Sydney Olympic Park

Operating hour: 8:30 AM


St Ives Skate Park

Roller rink – at St Ives, an exciting place for togetherness! 

With the existence of a family-friendly environment, the destination is precisely designed to encourage social interaction. In particular for a roller skating Sydney ride. Families can roller skate together, take skate lessons, indulge in theme nights, and take up any family togetherness activities that suit their preferences. 

St Ives Park Roller Skating Sydney

We say a budget-friendly place for families to have fun together without breaking the bank. 

Location: St Ives Village Green, Memorial Avenue, St Ives 2075

Operating hours: 24 hours

Website: Unavailable

Julia Reserve Youth Precinct – Oran Park 

A pet-friendly stop destination to skate, eat & relax!

Well, even your furry friends are a part of your family. And we know how much your kids enjoy being around them. So why leave them behind, RIGHT? 

Julia Reserve Youth permits pets! Good news to spend a wholesome family vacation. While your kids can take up the skates and roll around, the furry mates can keep a tap on them. The centre has modern infrastructure and is spacious enough to accommodate BBQ activities or picnics. 

Julia Reserve Youth Precinct Roller Skating Sydney

Source: Oran Park

The open green natural space creates a relaxing atmosphere for you, while it creates a connecting environment for your children. Even if they are bored with the roller skating activity, they can still enjoy the sports fields, playgrounds, events, and open space nature activities.

Location: Julia Reserve, Peter Brock Dr, Oran Park NSW 2570, Australia 

Operating hours: Open 24 hours

Website: Unavailable

Liberté Skate 

The welcoming and inclusive atmosphere! 

From the family-friendly environment to the family bonding environment, Liberté Skate supports shared experiences of learning and enjoying under the event name “Skate Under the Stars.”

Roller Skating Sydney under the stars with family and friends.

Source: Skate under the stars

The convenience includes a range of outdoor activities and also roller skating lessons for the new rollers. The learning and enjoyment of togetherness will create lasting memories with your children. Preferably an excellent place for families to come together, create lasting memories, and have full-on fun while enjoying roller skating, Sydney. 

Location: Avalon Netball Courts

Operating hours: 6 AM to 9 PM


It’s Roller Skating IN Sydney

A roller skating session is more than just a fun activity; it’s an excellent way for families to bond. Imagine the sun shining brightly as we lace up our roller skates and hit the pavement. As we glide beside each other, holding hands for support, laughter fills the air. 

The moments and our connection are real, and we cheer each other on with every step. As a family, roller skating brings us closer, whether our little ones take their first wobbly strides or adults gracefully manoeuvre the turns. 

Learning and growing together with smiles, memories, and a sense of wonder is a joy. Together, we create lasting memories of roller skating Sydney that we’ll treasure for years. We enjoy roller skating for its physical benefits and the fun, laughter, and togetherness it brings to our family. Happy skating! 

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