6 Outside the Box Ideas for Celebrating Father’s Day 2024


When thinking about getting a gift for dad at any time of the year, how many of us turn to the typical, humdrum well known fallbacks?

You know what I’m talking about; the tie, the underwear, the car squeegees – all those classical ‘dad’ items bought purely because either he or we have no idea what to suggest or ask for. Or heaven forbid, we’ve done our Father’s Day shopping at the very last minute and thus, are rushing around and can think of nothing else.

If it’s not those things it’s usually the placeholders of a bottle of booze, going out for dinner, or, much like Mother’s Day, the easily pleasing box of chocolates, if your dad has a sweet tooth. 

I’ve lost count of how many pairs of undies and socks I’ve bought my dad over the years so, yes, even I’m not immune to mundane repetition. However, in this era, as millennials and Zoomers (Gen Z), we are so much more likely to buy experiences, so, for something your dad will really remember, here’s a list of our favourite ‘outside the box’ (literally) gifts that you can give all the father figures in your life this year. 

  1. Aim your Axe

For the man who likes to aim a target, one exciting Father’s Day gift idea you could consider is booking him an axe throwing session. With full coaching onsite, your dad and maybe some of his mates, can let some competitive spirit unfurl, all while doing so in a trained environment. 

This activity can be a great bonding opportunity for dads and older kids as well! Most axe throwing experiences are open to kids aged 13 years and older – just so long as they’re supervised by a parent or guardian. So if you wanted to book your dad a fun axe throwing session for Father’s Day, see if he may want to bring you along for the adventure.

  1. Culinary Crafting Hampers for Dad

If your Dad doesn’t mind the idea of a take home gift, then why not give him something he can get really creative with? And that happens to align with a passion for craft beers or barbecue – two passions that you can expect basically all dads to have.

From an experience crafting his own pot in a local brewery to a craft beer hamper set that he can enjoy at home, there are many things beyond the average, routine stubby holder that you can give the dad that likes the occasional cold one. So if you reckon your dad would love the opportunity to make his own hoppy concoction, see what kinds of gifts are out there.

And what about the dad who likes his food or sees himself as a culinary craftsman, there are many gifts and experiences that you can offer the contemporary cook or budding chef. From a professional cooking class that you can share together, to food hampers, filled with various crafted items, from sauces to cheeses to matching wines, there are plenty of culinary gifts out there that are sure to inspire dad this Father’s Day.

  1. This is Your Life

For the father who is an avid reader or you just want another unique way to say ‘I love you,  dad’, a personalised book for dad might be just the item to gift him this year.

You can gift your father with a book just for him, mentioning all the many reasons you love him, and perhaps even precious photos documenting his proudest experiences as a dad. The sentimentality of this gift idea is truly perfect, whether you’re young or full grown. 

  1. Once Small, now Tall

Sometimes, thinking outside the box means going back to basics. So spoiler alert, this next gift idea is basically a box.

Long ago, we were all once small babies and children in our father’s arms. Some of us fighters were even small enough to nestle in our daddy’s palms! But as the years go by, the chance to capture those growing milestones and precious moments seem to zoom by, moulding into each other. 

Have the chance to capture some precious memories and develop new ones, by creating a keepsake box or a memory box filled with precious memories. From the time you fit inside your dad’s palm, to the moment your palm now fits against his, a keepsake box that your dad can fill with all his most beloved memories and mementos will surely be a gift that he treasures for years if not decades to come.

  1. Personalised Clothing 

If your dad is into his fashion, or you’d like to get him a personalised gift that he could wear proudly, then why not gift him a custom shirt this Father’s Day? Nowadays, it’s actually pretty easy to create customised clothing. For instance, you could go to a local screen printing studio or place an order online. Or you could even use a Cricut machine to make your own creations on sublimation paper and then iron them onto a blank cotton T-shirt.

No matter which avenue you take, chances are your dad will take much excitement from being gifted a totally personalised shirt for Father’s Day this year. It’s certainly outside the box!

  1. Family Fun Day with Dad

Last but certainly not least, one of the best Father’s Day activities that you can rely on every year is simply setting out quality time for you and your family to really spoil the best dad in the world! Scheduling family fun with dad this Father’s Day 2024 can be as simple as booking a brunch at his favourite cafe, or packing a picnic and heading out to dad’s favourite park. 

If Dad is the adventurous type, however, then how about setting out on a family day trip to capture some new memories? There are an abundance of great family day trips you could embark on all over Sydney, from taking the ferry out to Manly for the day to heading out to the Blue Mountains for a little high-altitude hiking.

No matter where you set your sights, just remember to plan your travels in advance. Maybe pack a picnic, and make dad a cooked breakfast on the day before you head out early. That way, you can make sure your dear old dad stays comfortable on what will likely be a bit of an impromptu adventure for him. 


Whether you have the kind of dad who likes some competition or sports, or a father who much prefers to be pampered by food hampers, there is guaranteed to be a unique Father’s Day gift idea out there for every dad. So get to planning now to make sure you’re totally ready to spoil dad this Father’s Day 2024.

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