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* Born and brought up in Scotland

* My name is Seana Smith, Seana is pronounced ‘Sean-a’. It’s an Irish spelling and I was named after a little West Highland Terrier dog.

* Studied Latin, Greek and Old and Mediaeval Engligh at Wadham College, University of Oxford

* Have lived for a year in Italy, and in Karachi, Pakistan (but England more foreign – joke!)

* Spend most of late teens and twenties underwater, mad scuba enthisiast

* Arrived in Sydney with a manual typewriter and mask, flippers and snorkel in 1987

* Got a great job on The Midday Show With Ray Martin

* Worked for the BBC in London and Glasgow approx 1990 – 1995

* TV career in ruins after birth of first son in Edinburgh, moved to Sydney in 1998.

* Assorted books and other children followed. It’s all a blur.

* All children finally to school late January 2012. Collapsed sobbing with relief.

* Pulled self together. Went out to lunch.

* Love a cuppa, love a natter, love my family, miss the Scots more and more as I get older.

* Am improving with age. Which is both a relief and very practical.




You can also find me here:

Blog For Fun Not Profit

Swim The World Travel

My personal website is at:   Seana Smith

I also work on these useful websites:

Autism Launchpad: Leaving School and Leading Your Own Life

Autism Awareness Australia

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Posted on: December 17, 2017

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