AMAZING CAKES @ School Open Day Cake Competition

cake decorating ideas_13

Now please forgive some very blatant showing off here. But I did make a rather splendid cake for the twins’ school Open Day and Fair.

The Cake Competition has been terrifying me for year – people make such amazing cakes, adults and children alike.

Since my eldest started school in 2003, I’ve been been meaning to get a grip and enter… and after only 13 years… today was the day!

Yippee, so proud of myself.

The Kit Kat Cake above had two layers of chocolate and beetroot cake sandwiched with ganache then ringed with Kit Kats. Then I filled the top with strawberries, raspberries and flowers (my fave florist advised me which would last well.


If you ever need fun cake decorating ideas, check out the cakes that were at school today.

cake decorating ideas_1
The Pacman cake
cake decorating ideas_2
A healthy carrot cake
cake decorating ideas_3
Tarte de pommes from one of our French mums
cake decorating ideas_4
A florist cake
cake decorating ideas_5
Moon landing cake
cake decorating ideas_8
A shark cake
cake decorating ideas_9
Bubble bath with ducks cake
cake decorating ideas_10
Beautiful strawberry sponge
cake decorating ideas_11
A complete village
cake decorating ideas_12
Emoji cake
cake decorating ideas_15
Pacman cake 2
hamburger cake
My Ms10’s hamburger cake – with sauce

cake competition_3

cake competition_2
Minecraft cake
cake competition_1
The brain cake – my 100% favourite!

And just to show off that wee bit more… another shot of my cake.

cake decorating ideas_14


The twins have a day off from school tomorrow. We’ll need it. Got to burn off the zillions of calories consumed whilst making cakes.

And must rewatch That Sugar Film!  Oops.

Have you made a cool cake recently?

Or eaten one?

Happy baking

Seana xx




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  1. says: Mairi Stones

    Amazing Seana, worth showing off. Did you win? Be warned, watching That Sugar Film again will be taking you down a path that’s fraught with dilemmas and decisions!! I made a low sugar carrot cake only to discover there are still 12 teaspoons of sugar in it. A trifle compared to some but nonetheless still easy to over consume. XX

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Funnily enough we were watching bits of That Sugar Film again tonight in the commercial breaks of The Voice… 12 teaspoons in a whole cake isn’t too bad though is it, unless you eat the whole cake! The kids were eating Iona’s Hamburger Cake, which I had bid for in the silent auction… it’s a death trap that huge cake. It’s got to go. If I’m going to eat sweet things I want them to be really worth it – dark chocolate, any Godiva chocolate and honey…

      J says he’s only eating my bircher muesli and porridge for breakfast from now on…. quite right, son.

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