Armory Wharf Cafe at Blaxland Riverside Park

A family-friendly cafe right alongside the Parramatta River, with lovely views and a good kids menu? Sounds splendiferous! And it is.  The Armory Wharf Cafe is a lovely spot for breakfast, snacks and lunch, so long as you have children who don’t bolt, or leap haphazardly into the water.

armory wharf cafe at blaxland riverside park

The best thing though is that this cafe is right beside the amazing, ultra-modern playground at Blaxland Riverside Park, click here to read all about it.

armory wharf cafe at blaxland riverside park
armory wharf cafe at blaxland riverside park
The interior of the Armory Wharf Cafe, lovely views of the river

Armory Wharf Cafe

Address: Blaxland Riverside Park, Jamieson Street, Newington NSW 2127

Phone: 0423 884 801


Open: For breakfast and lunch, open also most afternoons. Closed on Mondays.

Families are very well catered for at this cafe.  There are plenty of tables outside in the fresh air and not crowded together.

The menu is good with a kids menu for breakfast and lunch as well as snacks.

There is even a big low area of rope climbing frame behind the cafe so the kids can dash out to play when they finish eating.

Children are given a drawing book and pencils when they sit down, so they can draw whilst meals are prepared- always the trcikiest time of a cafe visit.

And we always love a cafe that has plastic cups and plates for the kids. They know and understand their clientele!

However… this cafe can be very crowded, especially at weekends. Try to get there early or later than the crowds.

Children’s Menu: Yes, you can see it on cafe’s website

High Chairs:  Yes

Toilets/Baby Change:  Yes

Mum’s Report: The views across the river to the mangrove are so lovely here. You could while away hours just watching the boats on the river and the people passing along the boardwalk in front.  If you didn’t have children pestering you to get back to the playground that is.

Extra: The lovely playground and other interesting features of this historic area, see website here.

Parking: Car park on Jamieson Street, but that can get very crowded.

armory wharf cafe at blaxland riverside park
My yummy salad
armory wharf cafe at blaxland riverside park
Kids chicken and chips
armory wharf cafe at blaxland riverside park
Water play close to the cafe, the main playground is just up the hill
armory wharf cafe at blaxland riverside park
You do have to be very careful of little children as the cafe is right by the water and there’s no fence

Armort Wharf Cafe Map

Have you visited the Armory Wharf Cafe recently?

Played at the playground too?

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