Beautiful Toy Sailing Boats from Little French Heart


Here is an idea for a most beautiful gift, for girls and boys, and for any time of the year not just this Christmas.

My friend Kim Cotton, solo mama and lover of all things French, has a divine gift store called Little French Heart.

There she sells a range of hand-crafted and hard wearing toys sailing boats, aren’t they entrancing?

Here’s what Kim says about the wooden boats.


Seaworthy toy sailing boats

Tougher than a tantrum, these happy toy sailing boats are the perfect gift that are accompanied by a beautiful story.

Created using artisan skills passed down from grandfather to grandson, the toy wooden boats have been handmade by the Tirot family since 1946. Grandson Nicolas Tirot, who now has a young family of his own crafts the boats and his wife Carine sews the sails using an old Singer machine.

Designed on real boat specifications, the boats won’t end up in landfill next year. They are built to last; and as one of the only remaining handmade toy boat companies in the world, the boats are made with love. 


The boats are eco-friendly and made from sustainable timber grown 50km from the workshop based in Brittany, France. The beautifully polished varnish, which has collected the boats awards for its shine and durability, is lead free.

They will happily float in the bath, at the beach or in a pond. They help children to use their imagination, hunt for treasure, understand wind/water dynamics and simply be kids.

Rinsed and dried they make a classic decor piece for a nursery or bedroom.

The boats are available at Little French Heart, a store that specialises in handmade toys and vintage decor from France.

To redeem 15% off all toy boats at Little French Heart use coupon code SYDNEYKIDS.



Thanks Kim. So if you’re looking for a gift that will become a family heirloom, pop over to Kim’s Little French Heart store.

The boats start at $39.95 for the smaller ones.

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Do your children dream of sailing away?

Do you?

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Posted on: December 10, 2016

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