Berowra Waters and Dusthole Bay: Things To Do

Berowra Waters is a perfect piece of paradise not far away from Sydney.

Berowra Waters is located on Berowra Creek, a tributary of the Hawkesbury River. Spending a day or half of a day to exploring this lovely area is ideal for  families who love to explore and love watery pursuits. 

Naa Badu Lookout

Berowra Waters Map

Berowra Waters Map
Click through to Berowra Waters on Google Maps here.
Berowra Waters Marina
The still waters by Berowra Waters Marina
Berowra Waters maps


Berowra Creek Things To Do 

By Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

Now our kids are older and will not run straight to the water, Berowra Waters is a tranquil place to visit. There is something magical about Berowra Waters. It must be the calm waters or the rays of sunlight blending in with the verdant shores.

Hire boat at Berowra Creek
We hired a boat and we were mesmerised by the beauty of the shores of Berowra Creek.

1-. Explore Berowra Waters by hired boat 

Generally speaking, we just feel better when we spend time exposed to nature. But, admiring nature from a tiny boat, I would say that is amazing. You don’t need a luxurious yacht to do it. Also, you don’t need to be an experienced skipper. You can hire one at the Berowra Waters Marina. There are some rules to follow –of course-, but all of them are common sense. Prices start at $80 per two hours.

Besides some instructions, they provide you a map, which contains useful information such as places to stop for a picnic, a swim and to go fishing. We headed north and we had a wonderful time exploring the little bays of Muogamarra Nature Reserve.

Berowra waters hire boat
Setting off to explore

If you ever want to visit the reserve on foot, actually it is not easy, because the reserve is only open to the public several weeks during the year. Although we couldn’t see flora in detail from the boat, the lush vegetation gave us an idea of what to expect if we ever have the chance to go.

My daughters were very entertained spotting fish, birds, trees with strange shapes and the amazing Hawkesbury Sandstone. For little children, one hour or hour and a half is enough (specially if you have active kids that cannot stay still).

If you have teens, you might prefer to rent a kayak, which is cheaper. Instead of heading north with the kayak, it is recommended to go south towards the beautiful Crosslands Reserve.

Note: Berowra Creek is deep so make sure you keep an eye on your children, if they are not proficient swimmers. Also, be aware of boat traffic. If you plan to go to one of the river beaches, check the tide.

Crosslands reserve 1

2-. Play at Dusthole Bay Playground

The boat themed Dusthole Bay Playground is not big, but the equipment inspires kids to play pirates. The playground is ideal for pre-schoolers, but primary school kids may have a good play, too, if they enjoy role-playing.

The playground is fully fenced. Inside, there is a sheltered picnic table. Glorious! If you are a lucky family, grab it. We ordered take away fish and chips from the Marina Inn. You can also purchase beer in the Marina Shop. It doesn’t get better than this.

Dusthole Bay playground
Dusthole Bay Playground, the only thing lacking is shade

3-. Berowra Waters Cafes + Restaurants

You have several options in Berowra Waters. You can have a barbecue in one of the picnic shelters, please note that they are very close to the water, except the shelter that it is inside the fully fenced playground.

If you prefer to sit: the casual Berowra Waters Fish Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the weekends, otherwise just breakfast and lunch. The restaurant also has a menu with kid’s meals. Also, you can have take away.

For a refined culinary experience, Waterview Restaurant is in the same building as the Berowra Waters Fish Cafe, but on the top level.

And, on the other side of the Berowra Creek, you can find the Italian cafe and restaurant, A Chef Secrets.


4-. Fishing at Berowra Waters

We are not into fishing, but Berowra waters is a very popular spot. My daughters spent minutes and minutes looking at fish. Little children –really- don’t need too much to get entertained. You should have seen my daughter’s faces of excitement every time that someone caught a fish. 

Also, you might see pelicans and kookaburras, too. 

Cable ferry 1

5.- Try the Berowra Waters Ferry

Ok, it doesn’t go fast, it is not an attraction or an amusement park, but children still like the Berowra Waters Ferry. It is toll-free and it connects the east bank to the west bank with winding roads ascending uphill on both sides.

After it, you might want to continue and take a scenic drive before going back home. Once you come off the ferry the road goes up a further with views of the Berowra Valley National Park and the impressive sandstone.

The ferry is normally open 24h but occasionally it can be some closures but you can check using the Life Traffic NSW page for live updates. 

6. –  Gaze From The Lookouts

Berowra Waters maps 1

If you want to extend the day, check Barnetts Lookout or Naa Badu Lookout on the eat side of Berowra Creek. You will see stunning views of Berowra Creek.

  • Barnetts Lookout is a good place to go with kids as it also has a little playground. The lookout has a big veranda with some benches. You don’t need to walk too much, just basically follow the path and you will find the lookout, after the playground and picnic area. Take a seat, relax and enjoy the views. For more information, click here for info from NPWS. 
  • Naa Badu Lookout is a bit difficult to find, as the signage is not very good. You will to have to walk to find it. The trail is quite easy, not too step, except one section. You might see some locals jogging or walking their dogs. The same trail takes you to Crosslands Reserve, but it is quite a long walk of nearly 3 hours. The views are spectacular! Note: there aren’t any facilities at the lookout.
Berowra Waters lookouts
Amazing views from the Naa Badu Lookout


Getting To Berowra Waters

You will see from the maps below that you can get to Berowra Waters two ways, either via Hornsby and the Pacific Highway or via Arcadia and the Hills district.  So you can choose the route in which suits best the place you are coming from.

A really delightful thing to do is to visit Berowra Waters from one route and then drive a loop around the other way out.  See maps below to help you choose your way to Berowra Waters.

Berowra Waters from Hills
Berowra Waters from Hornsby

Buses: 638 bus route, stop Berowra Waters Marina

Parking: There is a big car park inside the Marina with plenty of free parking for cars.

We had a fantastic visit to Berowra Waters. Reconnecting with nature is purifying.

What is your favourite place to wind down? We would love to hear from you.

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