The Best Sydney Playgrounds Listed By Suburb

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Sydney is a city that prides itself on offering a range of outdoor activities for families, and playgrounds are no exception. With an abundance of parks and recreational areas spread throughout the city, it can be hard to know where to start when searching for the perfect playground to take your kids. 

Whether you’re a local or visiting for the first time, this guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of the best playgrounds in Sydney, sorted by suburbs, making it easy to find the perfect spot to take your little ones for a fun day out. 

From climbing frames to water play areas, this guide has it all, so read on to discover the best Sydney playgrounds and start planning your next family adventure.

70 Best Sydney Playgrounds Listed With Their Suburbs

Sydney is home to some of the best playgrounds in Australia, and there’s no shortage of fun-filled spaces for kids to explore. Here are 70 of the best parks/playgrounds listed according to their suburbs. You can easily find an excellent spot for their kids to play and burn off energy.


With its idyllic setting in the midst of gorgeous native bushland, Plough and Harrow is a highly popular playground. On the east end, visitors will find a range of amenities including a play area, café and an impressive high ropes course. 

The western side offers plenty of wide open space. It is ideal for larger groups to enjoy a game of footy or cricket, or simply spread out for a picnic. 

The scenic Plough and Harrow Loop links the east and west ends of the park. This provides an easy and enjoyable walk for people of all ages and abilities. 

2. Sydney Park and Playground – Alexandria

Situated at the junction of Alexandria, St Peters, Newtown and Erskineville, Sydney Park is a sprawling oasis of natural beauty, boasting 40 hectares of lush open space. 

A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, Sydney Park offers walking and cycling trails winding through wetlands, landscaped gardens and rolling hills. 

Previously a brick-making factory, the park has become a popular spot for locals and tourists who enjoy its captivating views.

3. Harold Moon Reserve – Auburn

The Harold Moon Reserve offers a variety of recreational activities and facilities for children of all ages, ranging from traditional rides such as swings, seesaws and climbing walls, to more modernly designed play equipment like pod swings and toddler bike paths. 

The park also features a giant tractor for the kids to explore and climb on. 

The environment is designed with safety in mind. It has bright orange witches hats that line the pathways, ‘pedestrian crossing’ signs for the bicycle path, and rubber soft-fall surfacing that designates ‘roads’ between pieces of equipment.

4. Elkington Park – Balmain

Nestled beneath the wide-spreading boughs of Elkington Park’s native fig trees lies a small and simple playground, perfect for young children. With four swing sets just outside of the playground’s fenced area, the fun never has to end!

Elkington Park is a great spot for walking along its many pathways with a stroller or enjoying a leisurely bike or tricycle ride around the park. At one corner of Elkington Park lies a headland that juts out into Sydney Harbour. 

5. Balmoral Beach Playground – Balmoral

The Balmoral Beach playground is a great spot for families and children of all ages. Located at the South End of the Esplanade near Lawry Plunkett Reserve and the Mosman Oval, the playground is surrounded by beautiful fig trees providing plenty of shade. 

The soft fall ground makes it a safe place for children to play. Meanwhile, adults can relax on one of the many benches or tables located in and outside the fenced area.

The playground also offers a great variety of play equipment including swings, slides, monkey bars and more.

6. Beecroft Railway Station Garden Playground – Beecroft

The Beecroft Railway Station Garden Playground has long been a favourite destination amongst families, as it offers a variety of activities for children of all ages. 

There are plenty of benches for parents to enjoy a much-needed rest and watch over the kids, as well as plenty of tables so you can have some snacks or lunch during your visit. 

The car park is very close by and there are also toilets located in the nearby train station which makes it easy for families to get around.

7. Bondi Beach Playground – Bondi

Bondi Beach Park is a unique playground located next to one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. With a fully fenced-in area, this playground has a variety of different play equipment to help develop motor and cognitive skills in children. 

It is part of the Bondi Pavilion which offers public toilets, a kiosk, outdoor fitness equipment and a skate park. Additionally, there are beach pools (Wally Weeks Tidal Pool and Children’s Wading Pool) as well as Biddigal Reserve, located to the north of the park. 

8. Burwood Park – Burwood

Burwood Park is an amazing destination for those who love to spend time outdoors. The War Memorial Arch and Sandakan Memorial offer a chance to pay your respects. Meanwhile, the picnic tables, BBQs and the Picnic Cafe provide an opportunity to have a bite to eat. 

There are sports fields, outdoor table tennis tables and even a chess board for those who wish to engage in some friendly competition. 

And let’s not forget that the playground is perfect for young children. It has enough activities to keep them busy for hours. 

9. Cabarita Park – Cabarita

Cabarita Park, located at the end of Cabarita Road in Sydney, is a gorgeous spot for spending quality time with family or friends. The park has plenty of space to play cricket or soccer, as well as BBQs and undercover seating for those rainy days. 

For those interested in dining out, Vela Dining at D’Albora Marina provides excellent views over the water. Meanwhile, Sanders Kiosk offers delicious meals with a relaxing atmosphere. 

This is the perfect post to bring your own picnic or to dine out with your loved ones.

10. Camperdown Memorial Rest Park – Camperdown

Camperdown Memorial Rest Park is a sprawling oasis nestled in the heart of Newtown’s bustling downtown. The playground’s rectangular shape has been designed to maximize space and provide plenty of room for kids to explore. 

There are many play structures made from wood, sandstone, and other natural materials–including swings, a wobble bridge, and sandpits. The park also features several benches and picnic tables for families to enjoy some outdoor dining in the sun. 

11. Bales Park – Chatswood

Bales Park offers a delightful playground with a myriad of activities for children of all ages. From toddlers to the more daring, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to visit Bales Park and let the kids explore and have fun in a safe environment. 

Enjoy the fresh outdoors while they play, while you relax and take in the beauty of nature! When you are done exploring, head over to the park’s cafeteria which serves delicious food that your whole family will love. 

There is also a playground shop where you can buy gifts, souvenirs and snacks. 

12. Beauchamp Park Playground – Chatswood

Beauchamp Park is nestled in the upper part of the Scotts Creek catchment and provides a lush, shady environment protected by the surrounding Blue Gum High Forest. 

The park is well maintained, with mown grass paths, an abundance of picnic tables and benches, and numerous interpretive signs detailing the local flora and fauna. There are also several large open areas suitable for picnics or ball games.

The creek running through Beauchamp Park forms part of the Scotts Creek catchment and is an important habitat for native fish, frogs, platypi and waterbirds. 

13. Lyne Road Reserve – Cheltenham 

Lyne Road Reserve is a tranquil sanctuary nestled in the charming suburb of Cheltenham. We were pleasantly surprised to discover a fully-fenced nature-based playground with plenty of shade and a variety of play equipment. 

From the swings to the sandpit, there is something for everyone here. The park also offers BBQs and picnic areas so you can have lunch under the trees while your kids play. There’s plenty of room to run around or ride scooters if that’s your preference.

14. Clontarf Beach Playground – Clontarf 

Clontarf Reserve playground and beach is a perfect destination for families looking for an enjoyable day out in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is easily accessible and provides a great range of activities for the whole family to enjoy. 

There is something for everyone, from toddlers playing in the sandpit, older kids swinging on the swings, parents enjoying an outdoor picnic or bbq and everyone cooling off in the ocean. 

15. Collaroy Beach Playground – Collaroy

Collaroy Beach playground is a must-visit destination for families residing on the Northern Beaches. Its ideal location near the beach, rock pools and cafe make it a prime spot to take the kids for some afternoon fun. 

There’s something for everyone at this beach playground, including a shark/dolphin bouncer, swings, slides, merry-go-rounds, climbing structures and water play areas in summer. 

The main sections of the playground are shaded, with the exception of the one closest to the beach, but there is a sheltered grocery store under the main blue slide.

16. Como Pleasure Grounds Playground – Como

The Como Pleasure Grounds is a beloved park providing visitors with a plethora of activities and stunning views. Its many features include a playground, picnic tables, BBQs, a bike track, a walking loop path and beautiful panoramic views of the Georges River and surrounding bushland. 

Visitors can also enjoy Blackfish Cafe and Grill located close to the Como Swimming Complex. Dogs are allowed in the park as long as they are kept on a leash – although certain areas may prohibit dogs altogether.

17. Grant Reserve Playground – Coogee

Grant Reserve Playground, named after Stan Windon, is situated just a short walk from Coogee Beach along the Coastal Walkway. It features several wheelchair-accessible ramps that allow for easy access into and around the park. 

Inside, guests can enjoy interactive and tactile play areas with sound elements surrounded by green grass and trees. There are also nearby picnic tables and barbecues for added convenience. 

18. Shelly Beach Park – Cronulla

Shelly Park is a picturesque park situated on the Cronulla Peninsula, right alongside the Esplanade Walkway. It is widely renowned for its large grassed area, making it a great spot for congregations of any size. 

The park also has multiple barbecues available for public use and is built with a large fenced playground, which houses an array of different play areas as well as a liberty swing to boot! 

This makes Shelly Park the perfect destination for birthday parties, picnics and any other occasion requiring a bit of greenery or fresh air.

19. Darling Harbour Playground – Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour Children’s Playground is a vast playground located in the heart of Sydney, offering a world of fun for kids. The playground offers a balance rope course, multiple slides and tunnels for children to explore. 

From water fountains and water features to spider web climbing frames, kids can enjoy hours of play here! There’s even a supernova roundabout which is sure to excite the little ones. 

Not just this, but a 21-metre flying fox and long swings make this playground a thrilling place to visit. And that’s not all, the kids can also have some sandpit fun with the sand digger.

20. Dee Why Beach Playground – Dee Why

Dee Why beach is a renowned surfing hotspot, with waves that draw surfers from all over the city. The expansive beachfront is dotted with a reserve, a promenade perfect for strolling and two ocean pools; one of which is designed especially for children. 

This pool boasts shallow waters and plenty of space for parents to change their little ones. 

As well as this, Dee Why beach has a range of activities and amenities available for visitors, including a surf lifesaving club, plenty of car parking and a range of cafes, restaurants and bars. 

Here Are Some More Playgrounds in Sydney!

Walter Gors Park in Dee Why

Nurragingy Reserve

Dundas Park with Phillip Ruddock Water Playground

West Epping Park and Playground

Boronia Park Playground

Fairfield Adventure Park

Livvi’s Place, Timbrell Park

Lionel Watts Playground

Fagan Park, Galston

Bicentennial Park

Lizard Log Playground

Buffalo Creek Reserve Playground

Kyeemagh Beach Playground

Blackman Park Playground

Elouera Reserve

Passmore Reserve Playground

Maroubra Beach Playground and Skate Park

Steel Park Playground

Anderson Park

Central Gardens

Granville Park With Water Playground

Holroyd Gardens

Apex Park Playground

Flying Fox Playground at Winnererremy Bay Park

Jubilee Park Adventure Playground

Clifton Gardens Playground

Memorial Park Playground

Botanic Gardens Playground

Bilarong Reserve

Blaxland Riverside Park Playground

Blenheim Park 

John Roche Playground

Warners Park Playground

Oatley Park Playground

Governor Phillip Park Playground

James Ruse Reserve Water Playground

Parramatta Park Playgrounds

Parramatta Riverside Park

The Ponds Playground

Putney Park Playground

Pirrama Park Playground

Lagoon Park Playground

Brays Bay Reserve

Constellation Playspace at King George Park

Lyne Park Playground

Rouse hill Playground

The Backyard at Rouse Hill Town Centre

Rushcutters BayPark Playground

Livvi’s Place at Yamble Reserve

Blenheim Park Playground

Ryde Park  

Sydney Park Playground

Strathfield Park and Playgrounds

Bicentennial Park Playground  

Wahroonga Park Playground

Warriewood Valley District Playground 

Robertson Park Playground

Merrett Playground in Waverton Park

Bicentennial Park Playground

Ruddock Park Pirate Playground

Hallstrom Reserve Playground

Willoughby Park Playground

Berry Island Reserve Playground

Five Reasons Why Your Kids Need Playground Play

Playgrounds are a vital part of childhood development, offering kids the opportunity to learn, explore, and develop key skills. Here are five key reasons why playground play is crucial for your child’s development.

1.  Playground play helps kids to develop physically.

Physical activity is important for kids of all ages, and playgrounds provide a great opportunity for them to get moving. Running, climbing, and swinging helps to build strong muscles and bones, and can also help to improve coordination and balance. 

Regular physical activity can also help to reduce the risk of obesity and other chronic health problems.

2.  Playground play helps kids to develop socially.

Playing on the playground gives kids a chance to interact with their peers, which can help them to develop social skills such as communication, cooperation, and negotiation. Through playground play, kids learn how to take turns, share resources, and resolve conflicts. 

These skills are important not only in the playground but in the classroom and in the workplace as well.

3.  Playground play helps kids to develop cognitively.

Playground play can also help kids to develop cognitively. Research has shown that children who engage in regular physical activity have higher test scores and perform better academically than those who do not. 

Besides, playground play can help to improve executive function skills such as planning, problem-solving, and task flexibility.

4.  Playground play helps kids to develop emotionally.

Engaging in regular physical activity can also help kids to develop emotionally. Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and can also improve mood and self-esteem. 

Through playground play, kids learn how to cope with emotions such as frustration, disappointment, and fear, which can help them to be more resilient in the face of challenges.

5.  Playground play is a great way for kids to get fresh air and sunshine.

In today’s world, kids often spend a lot of time indoors – at home, at school, or engaged in screen-based activities such as watching television or playing video games. 

While there’s nothing wrong with spending some time indoors, it’s important for kids to get outside on a regular basis as well. Playing on the playground is a great way for them to get fresh air and sunshine, both of which are essential for good health.

Enjoy Visiting These Sydney Playgrounds With Your Kids

Sydney is home to some of the best playgrounds in Australia, and this guide has provided a comprehensive list of the top playgrounds in each suburb. With a range of play equipment and facilities, there is something to suit every age group and interest. 

From beachside playgrounds to sprawling parks, these playgrounds offer a great way to spend quality time with your kids and create lasting memories. 

So, whether you’re a local or visiting Sydney for the first time, be sure to check out the playgrounds listed in this guide for a fun day out with your family.

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    Cheltenham 2119 has a great new nature based playground at 23 Lyne Rd Cheltenham.

    Beecroft 2119 has a great new train themed playground adjacent to Beecroft station.

    Dundas has a brand new water playground called Philip Ruddock Water Playground (Dundas Park)

    Yates Avenue, Dundas Valley
    September to May: 9am-8pm
    June to August: Closed

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