Best Trampoline Centres Sydney: Our Family Favourites

Bouncing is fun! It’s fun for the kids and adults PLUS it’s a great way to burn some calories, as well as to get rid of the negative vibes we all have from work and school. There are some excellent trampoline centres in Sydney, here we have listed the ones we love best ourselves.

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Maybe trampolining is so much fun because it feels so close to flying, and it gives us the amazing thrilling feeling that leaves most of us wanting more.

There are many places in Sydney where you can take your children for some jumping inside a safe, soft environment.

By Gabriella Diesendorf

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Slomo flipping out at Flip Out

Flip Out

The contemporary funhouse, Flip Out has many locations across Sydney, each with a similar format.  You’ll find huge trampolines, foam pits and wall runners.

There are several classes for kids of different ages, and the area for a coffee break only adds to the overall addictive atmosphere of fun.

Locations: Blacktown, Brookvale, Caringbah, Castle Hills, Penrith, Prestons, Punchbowl and many more throughout NSW

Price range: $6-$120

Opening hours: 9am – 9m

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We’ve had mixed luck at our Flip Out. We’ve tried and failed to book in then gone down to find it was just too busy and we couldn’t get in.  We’ve also gone to parties and the kids have had a great time.

Myself, I like jumping but the noise can do my head in.

My advice?

Call ahead to check whether you can book (there’s a booking option on the website but it only covers a few of the Flip Out centres.)

Check the current costs as well – not all of the centres list prices on the website.

I’d also ask when are quieter times to visit and go then.

Flip Out Trampoline Sydney
Trampolining is totally exhausting, a real adrenaline buzz. It can be fairly hazardous too. Pay attention to the safety rules above!

Planet X
Planet X

Planet X Entertainment

Address:   3/40 Bowman St, Richmond

Phone: 22 4578 2212

Price range: $10

Opening hours: vary, see website

Planet X website here

For an out of this world experience, head for Planet X Entertainment. Pun intended, because this place is all about aliens and space.

A combo of a theme park and a bunch of trampolines and all kinds of bouncy areas, it will surely amaze your kids.

Planet X also offers an arcade section with engaging games. The best thing about this centre is that, on certain days (usually Thursdays and Fridays), it features fantastic discounts for the kids up to 6 years.

So if it’s wet or you’re just fed up of Sydney’s many outdoor playground, try trampolining for active family fun.

Other than giving you all an adrenaline rush and a way to unwind and get sweaty, it’s also very healthy for both the body and the mind.

You’re guaranteed to have a fulfilled day, healthy jumping, and an overall mood boost that will last for days.

One warning though: trampoline centres can get crazy busy. As ever, it’s wise to book ahead or at least call ahead. And early starts are often the best if your kids don’t like crowds.

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