Bicentennial Park Playground in West Pymble

bicentennial park west pymble

 Hello again! Hope you had a lovely time over Christmas. Here’s an idea of where the kids can run free and burn off all that chocolate. This post comes from freelance writer and mum of two Michele Hackshall, thanks Michele, this is a fab spot.

bicentennial park west pymble

Bicentennial Park Playground

Lofberg Road

West Pymble 2073

With its verdant surrounds and spacious lawns, this playground is great for family gatherings and mothers’ groups alike. Set in the midst of Bicentennial Park, it offers two substantial playgrounds, electric BBQs and undercover picnic tables.

A popular spot for parties, on the day we visited there were two large groups, but there were still plenty of benches and shady spots left for us to set up camp.

With an extensive area beyond the playgrounds to explore, you could easily spend a day here. Pets are welcome with an off-leash area available.

The under fives can explore the leafy fenced playground which offers two swings, a Moduplay jungle gym with curved slide along with a sandpit with in-built activity table. A small (low-to-ground) climbing frame will keep the active kiddies amused while those who like to make ‘music’ will enjoy clanging the metal noise-maker.

The surrounding trees provide plenty of shade, with lots of nooks, crannies and benches for grownups.

A gate on the far end of the playground opens up to an open playground perfect for older kids. A gigantic maze of monkey bars with soft fall mulch is sure to excite the young athlete. A challenging seven-foot-high climbing wall, platform and swing-like see saw proved very popular with my kids.

Just beyond the playgrounds are lush green lawns that make for a perfect family cricket game, a stage for impromptu performances and a dry creek bed for further exploring.

There is also an extensive network of bush-lined paved (but needing updating) paths for walking and cycling. The council is conducting bush regeneration in some areas that disrupts some of the paths.

Nearest takeaway coffee:  Dragonfly Café, Eden Garden Centre, Lane Cover Road, North Ryde (five minutes drive) or C’est Superb Delicatessen Café, Kendall Street, West Pymble(limited hours – 9498 6081).

(West Pymble Aquatic Centre Pool is currently closed as they are building a new indoor aquatic centre)

Toilets: Toilet block adjacent to car park. Female toilets were reasonably presented, with a metal table that can act as a change table.

Shade: Shady areas over fenced playground, older kids playground is unshaded.

Enclosed: Yes

bicentennial park west pymble

bicentennial park west pymble
bicentennial park west pymble
bicentennial park west pymble

bicentennial park west pymble

bicentennial park west pymble

My older boys and I used to spend lots of time at this playground and at West Pymble pool. We’ll be delighted to get back to check out the new park and introduce the twins to this lovely and extensive playground.

How are your holidays going so far?

Take it easy.

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  1. Hi Seana
    That park is just near my mums. I must take the kids there for a look. Interesting to know the pool is being made over. I learned to swim in the outdoor version and have many happy memories of those days.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Thank you, it has been a long time since I have been there myself. Must get back to take some photos.

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