Billabong Retreat: A Yoga + Meditation Sydney Health Retreat

Lacking serenity in your life? Have you heard of Billabong Retreat?

Billabong Retreat own
Billabong Retreat own

This beautiful yoga and meditiation retreat is just a 45 minute drive from the centre of Sydney. Feels like a zillion miles though.

Billabong Retreat 15

And yes, there really is a billabong, just below the main retreat buildings in the valley. I saw turtles basking on rocks when I was there. 

Billabong Retreat

I had been receiving email newsletter from Billabong for years and years, it took me years and years to finally get there. Escaping the family can be a rare treat.

Billabong Retreat Costs

At Billabong Retreat, you pay for a two (or more) day retreat, with costs depending on what type of accommodation you choose. Mine was the most basic room with shared bathroom option, it cost $600 for the two night retreat, it would have been $500 per person if I had shared with someone else.

But I was thrilled to go alone and NOT share a room. I bet you can relate.

Billabong retreat
This was the pretty little room I had – very calming colours
Billabong Retreat own
The deluxe rooms are so beautiful, love the bath on the deck. Next time!
Billabong Retreat own
The deluxe cabins can sleep three people

The deluxe cabins cost $1400 for two people or $1000 for one person at weekends. Two nights stays during the week are $100 less.

There are several other options ranging from a bed in a dorm room for $500 for two nights at weekends to the private ensuite cabins costing $800 for one person at weekends or $1200 for two people. Again there’s $100 off for weeknight stays.

You can stay as many nights as you like, of course.

Billabong Retreat own

There are many types of retreats run at Billabong, but each day always offers yoga and meditation classes. I did a Self Care two day retreat program, with workshops on inner child work and on EFT ‘tapping’ to release emotional blocks.

There are always yoga and mindfulness retreats on offer, also meditation, rejuvenation and others.

I am sure they would all be good. It’s the BEING THERE that is so delightful and so restful and the yoga and meditation was so good for me.

Billabong Retreat 13
Lily pads and reflections on the billabong.
Billabong Retreat 12
There’s a beautiful space to do your own yoga, meditating or reading beside the billabong.
Billabong Retreat 5

I had a facial when I was there, this cost a bit extra. You can book in for all sorts of lovely treatments.

I really enjoyed a swim at the small pool that is part of the main building area. Nice area to read a book.

Billabong Retreat 1

Food at Billabong Retreat

I think the highlight for me was the divine food at Billabong Retreat. It’s all vegetarian and a cornucopia of veggies and fruits are served.

I was not in working mode so only took a few photos one breakfast time. 

Billabong Retreat 11

Also, no shopping, cooking or washing up is always appreciated!

Billabong Retreat 10
Billabong Retreat 9

At each meal the chefs present what they have cooked, explaining where the ingredients have come from.

Billabong Retreat 8
Billabong Retreat 7

Most people had come here alone and from the first communal meal onwards people are happy to chat. Something has brought everyone here, a break between stressful jobs, the end of a court case, a long absent husband has returned and can mind the family (my story but not only mine.)

Billabong Retreat 6

This is the huge deck outside the dining hall and yoga room.


The buildings are made of wood, from the cute painted boards of the original cottage where I stayed to the soaring decks of the large communal area. Everything just feels natural, pristine, simple, not at all glamourous.

Billabong Retreat Bookings

Address: 41 McClymonts Road, Maraylya, NSW 2765

Phone: 02 4573 6080

Billabong Retreat website here

I highly recommend a good look around the website to work out what and when might be best for you.  I had looked at it many times before actually booking and wasn’t quite sure what to do.  In the end I called and had a chat to staff to work it out. 

Billabong Retreat Offers

When you stay at Billabong Retreat, you have the option to book your next retreat at a 50% savings. This needs to be taken in the next 12 months and can only be booked last minute. 

I really benefited from my two nights away from the hustle and bustle of the Sydney suburbs and of my own family life. 

At Billabong Retreat there are no traffic noises, there’s just birdsong tinkling through the tall trees which surround the retreat. That alone is so relaxing.

From the semi-rural drive through the north eastern area of Syou turn left into McClintocks Lane and then drop in a valley which has a totally different landscape of tall gum trees and the tranquil billabong. It is unbelievable really that this peaceful valley is so close to central Sydney!

I feel so lucky that I had the money to go and could get the time away from home and family.  This sort of break is so good for parents. A wee bit of freedom goes a very long way when you have kids.

Billabong Retreat 4

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