Bondi Beach With Kids – Sydney’s Most Family-Friendly Beaches

bondi beach families kids

I remember coming down to Bondi years ago with baby, toddler and some child-free friends.

The friends spread out their towels and sat down.

‘What are they thinking!?’ flashed through my mind.  It had been two years since I had sat down at a beach or pool…. my boys were so wild and dangerous around water, I could never stay still.

Ah well, those days are gone now, all four of the kids are water-safe. What a relief. But fear not, if you’re still at the galloping around stage, at least Bondi has plenty of fun in the sun for the littlies and adults too.

bondi childrens pool

Looking north to the kids pool at Bondi

Kids pool at Bondi

The children’s pool at Bondi’s north end, on a fairly rough day, but it’s still a very safe place for kids to splash.

Bondi Beach

Campbell Parade, Bondi 2026

It’s the Big Daddy of beaches with something to offer the littlest sons and daughters of Sydney.

Bondi is a surf beach, of course, and can be a bit wild for the faint-hearted, plus there’s the hordes of tourists to contend with.  Just remember to stay between the flags, though, and you will be safe.

And there’ the delightful children’s pool at the northern too, always a safe haven for children.  And close to some nice little cafes!

The kids’ pool has a shallow end for splashing and a huge mosaic mural of aquatic creatures along the wall beside the pool. Waves will sometimes break over this pool. Unfortunately there is no shade. It’s easy to wheel a stroller along the path to the pool.

There are shaded picnic tables and a barbecue across the promenade and the gorgeous Bondi Beach playground.

Cafes: Cafes at the Pavilion and along Campbell Parade, see also a great list of family-friendly cafes on the @Bondi website here.

Toilets: Toilet, shower and change room at Bondi Pavilion on the promenade, plus toilet blocks on the promenade

Shade: None on the beach and very little on the reserve

Playground: Yes, click here.

Ocean pool: There is an adults’ rock pool at the southern end and the children’s pool at the northern end

Shark net: No

Mum’s report: The kids’ pool is great and there are lovely rock pools for them to explore right beside it.

Extra: Sign up your older childrens and teens for surfing lessons

Map reference: Gregory’s 378 D4, Sydway 299 C7, UBD 257 Q3  See Google Maps below

Parking: Two pay car parks are situated in Bondi Park, entrances to both from Campbell Parade

Bus stop nearby: Yes

ocean pool at Bondi Beach

Great Sydney spot for swimming laps.

Bondi beach looking south

Iconic Bondi, often very busy… but always worth a visit

bondi beach childrens pool mosaic details

Love the turtle, from the mosaic at the kids’ pool

Bondi beach mosaic kids pool

A starfish on the mosaic

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Is Bondi your local beach?

Which cafes would you recommend?

Any top tips for parking!!??


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Posted on: November 22, 2013


  • Reply December 6, 2011


    It’s been ages since I’ve been to Bondi. I’d love to take the girls there one day – most likely later next year. The Bloke in The Shed and I really enjoyed it when we were there with our two nieces and nephew. Thanks for the inspiration, Seana.

  • Reply December 7, 2011

    andy solo

    Hi Seana,

    Welcome back to bondi beach! Yes, its a great spot for kids. I just wanted to note there are plenty of other options for eating around Bondi that are suitable for the little ‘uns. You can find my top picks here …

    Also, there is a shark net at Bondi. The mesh holes are 50cm wide; small enough to entangle sharks, and other large marine species, but big enough to leave smaller fish alone. The nets are not intended to form a complete barrier though, and sharks can still get through. The nets act as a deterrent by interrupting the territorial swimming patterns of sharks. The nets cause some controversy as they can entangle and endanger marine life. All the local surfers are generally our best shark bait barrier anyway. He he…

    Great article, thanks. All the best for a safe and fun summer!

    • Reply December 8, 2011


      Hello Andy, thanks so much for letting me know about your site. I’ve linked to your posts up in the cafes section.

      The shark net, is that the one that is offshore and not able to be seen at all from the shore… I think it is.

      Enjoyed surfing around your site and remembering my happy days living in Bondi in 1987, working in a pub and being a jolly young thing.

  • Reply November 25, 2013

    Desire Empire

    I have spent many a lunch break sitting at the northern end of Bondi Beach watching the world go by. It sure is a gorgeous spot and really quite world famous.

    I love all the fab restaurant around there as well

  • Reply December 15, 2013

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    What great place for families. Kids deserve really nice places such this one. Sydney is a great destination , thanks for sharing.

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