Boobooks on Owen – Cute Little Bookshop in Huskisson, Jervis Bay

boobooks on owen bookshop huskisson

Well, life is looking up!

I’ll be down at Jervis Bay when this post goes up, and, with a bit of luck, I’ll be re-doing a joyful little trip I did last time there.

Is there anything better than a potter around an independent bookshop?

Boobooks is on Owen Street, the main drag of Huskisson on the shore of Jervis Bay. It’s a small shop but you can still spend hours there.

Our twins are old enough to enjoy a mooch around the books. Then to dash off to the terrific playground nearby and leave me to continue pottering in peace.

It’s bliss!

The lucky folks who live in Huski can join the Bookbooks book club and enjoy children’s storytime on Thursdays.

book 1
Here’s what Minnie the Minx got recently. Yes, she’s officially pony mad.
boobooks on owen huskisson jervis bay
So many interesting books to trawl through.
book 2
I bought myself the David Sedaris for the humour, and The Third Passion as the author lives in Huskisson – got to support local writers.
book 3
I love William Dalrymple’s very readable history and travel books. I met him once years ago through a mutual friend in Scotland – lovely fella.

So that was my reading sorted for a couple of weeks anyway.

I do love my Kindle and use it a lot. But buying real books is a great pleasure, well, the browsing is the best bit.

Thanks kids for a bit of space and time to browse.

Have you managed to browse in a bookshop at all recently?

Happy reading



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  1. I love a romp around a bookshop. I haven’t ever read anything on a device and think it would be a tricky transition for me. This little book shop looks terrific.

  2. says: Hotly Spiced

    I love bookshops like this. They’re always quite serene and peaceful places. I usually end up sitting on the floor in a quiet corner flipping through the pages of many books I’d like in my collection xx

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