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Book Week is upon us, it’s from 17th – 23rd August this year. And the kids need a costume!

Ok, OK, I know that the idea of Book Week is to create your own costume… ideally made by the kids from fabrics woven by hand.

But, for all the hopeless mums like myself, there’s always Costumebox.

Costumebox has a special page with Book Week ideas, plus there’s a free gift on offer, a calico library bag, very apt.

So hop over there if you are ALREADY feeling harassed about Book Week.  And we can always claim that we and our kids were too busy reading to make our own costumes. Could be true!

Find the Book Week page here.


My twins are in high school now so there’s no dressing up for them any more. What a shame!

They used to really love it.


Dorothy 1 copy

harry potter copy

CostumeBox Book week dressups 700_1

Harry Potter and Dorothy – my twins fave outfits

If you are very crafty and able to make costumes for the kids, I salute you!  Any top tips very welcome.


Find the Book Week Costumebox page here.



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Posted on: July 11, 2019

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