The Australian Autism Handbook - 2nd Edition

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Benison O’Reilly and Kathryn Wicks have just co-written a brand new edition of the Complete Autism Handbook.

Well done ladies, take a bow.

It was a huge job, and you have done it well.

Here’s the press release from Ventura Press

“It is all here: the shock, the grief, the pain, the trials, the quest for knowledge, the myth busting, the self-discovery and the triumphs. If there is one book that Australian families embarking on the long autism journey should have, then this is it.’

Judy Brewer Fischer (Parent and ASD Advocate)

In 2008, Benison O’Reilly and Seana Smith, both parents of a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), wrote this ground-breaking book. At the time, there wasn’t an Australian-focussed, positive, sensitive, optimistic and comprehensive guide for parents navigating the difficult early months after their child has been diagnosed with autism.

The book became a bestseller and indeed a bible for tens of thousands of families around the country.

Said media personality, Chloe Maxwell, “The Australian Autism Handbook was an absolute lifesaver when my son Max was diagnosed… It was and continues to be my autism bible.”

However, the autism landscape has changed considerably in the last five years, with respect to funding, diagnosis, science and interventions.

This new edition, published to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day, and with a new co-author in Sydney-based journalist, Kathryn Wicks (whose son was the first child in Australia to apply for the Federal Government’s Helping Children with Autism Package funding), includes all the updated information as well as some additional chapters focussing on the needs of dads and siblings, older children on the spectrum and children with high-functioning autism.

Football legend and ASD advocate, Ricky Stuart, will launch the book on 11 April 2013. Ricky’s contribution to the book, as a father and husband, is an honest, touching and insightful account of living with a child with ASD. As Ricky says, “I’d rather talk to people about autism than football, to be honest.”

The Australian Autism Handbook, while being factual, practical, and science-based, is, at its heart, a comforting and guiding hand for parents facing a very daunting challenge — raising a child on the autism spectrum.

Find the authors on the Australian Autism Handbook Facebook page here.



Buy the book from Booktopia, click here



PS if you have teenagers or young adults with autism, do check out a new website I have helped create, it’s called Launchpad.

Launchpad is aimed at teenagers and young people aged from 16 years and their families.


AAH 3D cover I’m so delighted that the book which Benison and I wrote in 2008 has been updated. Well done both authors.  My contribution to the new edition has been tiny.  Kathryn and Benison are the mums of this book, I feel like the proud granny.

I’m still fond of the first edition, of course, some info and photos about it can be found in my archive here.