Boronia Park Playground in Epping

Boronia Park playground in Epping is a local family favourite and well worth making a journey to visit too.

Boronia park primary play area 4
The primary aged playground at Boronia Park

Boronia Park Playground

Address: 37 Bridge St, Epping

Other entrances are:

Rawson St, behind Coles Supermarket. The entrance is via the not under cover car park of the supermarket.

Kent St, the entrance is opposite to Boronia Avenue

by Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

The recent upgraded Boronia Park in Epping deserves a good rating. Two of the main reasons are that it is easy accessible by public transport and it has plenty of shade.

The play equipment is very cute too . And it has synthetic grass!!!  Whats not to love?

The Federation style main entrance of Bridge St is beautiful, followed by a path full of colourful flowers.

main entrance of Bridge St

My girls always have a fabulous time there, in particular, my four year old. She is less adventurous than my other two. She loves role-playing with the fire engine and the train.

Boronia park toddler play area 6
Boronia park toddler play area

The playground doesn’t really have a wow factor, but it has been well designed to keep the children entertained. There are three different areas:

  1. Toddler and preschoolers playground with synthetic grass and protected by sail shades.  It has swings, a little slide, a seesaw, some bouncers and the mentioned “role-playing” equipment.
  1. Primary age playground: with wood made equipment, it has an eco-friendly look, which blends perfectly with the blue gum trees of the park. Also, there is a red robe pyramid.
  2. Mini circuit and tracks: ideal for little children.
Boronia park primary play area 7
Boronia park primary play area
Boronia park primary play area 5

Parking: Streets around Boronia Park can be very busy andit can be difficult to find a car park. Those streets have time limitation, although it is free to park. My advice: try Boronia Avenue and access the park via Kent St entrance.

Toilets/Baby change:  Yes / Yes

Nearest takeaway coffee:  Yes, several cafes if you come from the train station. If you are driving, you can stop first at Café de Clover (111C Midson Rd, Epping, then take Boronia Avenue on the roundabout).

Enclosed: No, but it is easy to watch the children

Shade:  Yes, sails and big trees

Mum’s report:  Boronia Park, like Wahroonga Park, is an excellent park to go if you don’t have a car. The train station is literally around the corner.

It doesn’t have a café, but there are plenty of places nearby to buy a takeaway one. The mini circuit for bikes and scooters is definitely a plus. And the playground equipment is perfect for toddlers and primary-age kids.

IMG 9415 e1488156030908

Extra:  If you don’t live too far away, Boronia Park is the perfect place to host a birthday party. Several tables with shelter are conveniently located next to the playground. Children can play and adults can still socialize (yes! we also need it, despite the party would be for the little ones). If you forget something, the supermarket is within five
minutes walking distance.

Other facilities: there sports field, several tracks and lots of space to exercise.

Christmas Carols at Boronia Park is a well-known community event of the area. Every year, all churches of Epping and Carlingford join forces to organize it. There are market stalls, entertainment and even fireworks. For more information, the official web page is here.

Nearest station:  Epping Train Station

Nearest ferry: No

Bus stop nearby: Yes (as Epping Train Station is a hub, lots of routes stop there and close by streets).

PS If you fancy doing two playgrounds in one day, the excellent West Epping Park playground is close by, click here.

Thanks Mireia, I remember visiting this playground long ago when my now teenagers were little. The playgrounds have certainly improved a lot.

Have you visited Boronia Park yet?

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  1. says: Ralph Kiko

    The play spot with the fire engine looks so fun! The playground is a godsend for busy parents like me who want to take a quick breather while the kids are still having fun in a secured place. Can you tell me the time or day that is best to try the grounds? I am hoping to visit when it is not too crowded but not deserted either.

  2. says: Nasser

    Is it safe from bugs/spiders/snakes? also what time during the weekdays is best to take kids so that they have company of other kids too

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hello, the playground should be free of bugs/snakes/spiders, as free as any public space can be. It would be busy with other kids in the mid-morning. Cheers

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