Broke Fordwich – More Photos

Margan Family Wines
The strawberry patch at Margan – I’d love to pick a few of those.

I’m popping up some lovely shots from Broke Fordwich in this post. It’s a work in progress!

margan family wines
Chef and restaurant and vineyard owner Lisa Margan in her kitchen garden. Many thanks to Lisa for letting me use some of her gorgeous photos.
Margan Family Wines
One of the chooks at Margan. From nest to plate in quick time!

margan family wines margan family wines
Check out this post from Carolyn at Desire Empire about Margans and the Broke area: Carolyn used to have a vineyward there with her parents and knows the area well.


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  1. Hallo Seana, You have a great blog which no doubt has involved lots of hard work. Love the photos of the Broke area, they look so peaceful …an unhurried pace of living. Blog post titles come to mind with these pictures …sustainable living, grow your own herbs and vegetables, country living and it\\\’s challenges and so on. I love the panorama shots. Hubby took one on his phone up near Lake Macquarie and I need to see how to get it across into a blog post of mine. Keep up the fantastic work.Regards Alexa

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