Camping With Kids : A Book Full of Great Ideas



Camping With Kids is a brand new book, written by a very experienced camper, dad and camping magazine editor, Simon McGrath.

It is not a guide book about where to camp, it’s all about how to camp

The book is packed full of over 300 ideas for things to do, games, adventures, recipes for campfire treats and other camping family fun.

Learn to tie knots, enjoy night walks, watch meteor showers, build teepees, turn camping into glamping – it’s all here. There are lots of ideas for storytelling and tent games as well as for experiencing the joys of the outdoors.

This is great for beginner campers, and will give many ideas to the more experienced too.


Camping is so great for children, although one disgruntled mum friend of mine does describe it as ‘housework, but harder.’

As a child we camped out a lot in Scotland, so Aussie camping has always felt like glamping to me. So few high winds and thunderous rain storms.

Camping With Kids is both useful and practical, it is inspiring too.  I really enjoyed reading the content, and love the beautiful graphics too.

Here’s a minute long video which shows more of the book.



Other Useful Aussie Camping Books

Another handy book about camping is Australia’s Best Camping: the most scenic campgrounds around Australia by Kerryn Burgess.

Boiling Billy’s Camping Guide to Australia also comes highly recommended. 

I haven’t found a camping guide to New South Wales, but I need one.

The blog posts about Best Places To Go Camping In and Around Sydney lists some great places through.



Have you been camping as a family and if so where is your favourite campsite?

Do you have a fave family camping activity?

If you haven’t been camping, what is putting you off?

Good luck, 

Seana xx



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    1. We are bloggers, vloggers and parents to a 2 year old. We absolutely love going campig as a family. Our favourite spot so far is Bents Basin.
      We love how close it is to the the water and love having a great typical Aussie BBQ after our swim. Camping has brang our family closer than ever before. I love the happiness you feel in the open, and the nature around you. We actually bought a Caravan in Ulladulla, NSW but sold it as we prefered Camping in tents!
      Our 2 year old would love this book! 🙂

  1. says: Michelle Elliott

    We love Bonnie Vale, in the Royal National Park. My daughter’s favourite activity there is to go on a bear hunt through the woods to the bridge and then collect sticks and play Pooh Sticks from the bridge

  2. says: Angela

    Our family has a favourite place to camp called Wombeyan Caves. It’s a magical spot. It is perched inside a valley with trees throughout the reserve that are filled with birds. It is fabulous to visit year round but I especially love autumn with all the colourful european trees.There is lots to do besides a visit to the caves, you can bushwalk, fish, watch the kangaroos, the kids can safely ride their bikes and there is a cricket field, tennis courts and playground equipment including an old school slippery slide.You can still have a campfire here and there are good facilities. If you haven’t visited you must add it to your to do list.

  3. says: Mary Preston

    I went camping a LOT as a child. With my family and school camps. It rained every single time. I have not taken my children camping because my memories of camping are not good. Abysmal and miserable come to mind. I need convincing.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hahaha, that sounds familiar, but we were in Scotland. I haven’t ever had rain camping in Australia, I think you’ve been unlucky, Mary.

  4. says: Penswaa

    When we were young we went camping at Greenpatch quite often, though the Warrumbungles with the fabulous walking trails were a great hit. Backyard camping was great for those long summer holidays when everywhere was far too busy or booked out, especially when you got to have a friend or two round.
    It’s certainly a bit different doing it as a parent, though out now 17month has loved our three camping trips so far. Now that he’s running and climbing I guess we’ll need to thinking a bit more strategically!

  5. says: Vanessa Thorne

    In answer to the last question -Never been camping but really want to give it a go. A little fearful to be honest as don’t cope very well without sleep but I know the children would love the adventure . In U.K. They do something called featherdown farm holidays where you are camping ( kind of) but you have a feather bed .. so that would be a nice easy start to camping experience .. I wonder if they have something like that over here ?
    This year is about being bold and doing something different so the book will be fabulous to get us in the mood and out there . Thanks for the opportunity !

  6. 2 years yet since we move here in Sydney and such a shame we haven’t had the chance to go camping officially yet — it’s been a budget priority issue I guess…but finally, we manage to put it into priority and bought our own tent… so looking to go camping this Christmas break. Funny we haven’t even finalized where to exactly go yet — as obviously we aren’t prepared enough to book way ahead of the holidays so we might go where it’s a first come first basis and go very early to beat the queue? Fingers crossed then -eyeing somewhere in the Blue Mountains! Oh if I get to win this book — how very helpful it’s gonna be for first timers like us, too! 🙂 Cheers! x

  7. says: Melanie

    I camped regularly as a teenager and we introduced our children to the joy of tents early. A very memorable trip was when my oldest was 10 months old and commando crawling. We stayed at Potato Point on the NSW South Coast. Full of kangaroos, and kangaroo poo! Seeing him dragging himself through poo to ‘chase’ kangaroos is a picture I’ll never forget.

  8. says: Sarah

    Our family grew up camping at least a couple of times a year. I haven’t taken my 6 month old camping yet as I haven’t quite got the hang of parenting but keen to give it a go.

    It’s hard to top Greenpatch camp site, Jervis Bay but I also really like the site at Little Beach, bouddi national park. Just a bit of a trek to bring in your things!!

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