Castaway Island Photos – To Entice You

What a lovely holiday our family just had on Castaway Island in Fiji. We took our own advice, reading all the top tips from my post on How To Save Money On A Fiji Family Holiday.

So…  it was low season plus there was a great special on where meals were included. This was all important as the six of us were in two bures – not cheap!

Castaway Island wide shot
This photo is from Castaway Island, but we took all the rest!
family holidays Castaway Island
The absolute highlight for me was doing heaps of snorkelling straight off the beach.  Here’s a giant clam who loves on the coral reef there.
Castaway island family holiday _18
Watching the sun set into the sea was a wonderful evening activity.
Castaway island family holiday _15
Castaway Island family holiday
Teen16 took this photo when he was learning to dive.


Castaway Island family holiday
An underwater daughter being a ballerina.
Castaway Island family holiday
We found Nemo on a few occasions. Clown fish are game wee fellows.
Castaway Island family holiday
This coral bommie was explored on an outer reef snorkel adventure we all did.
Castaway Island family holiday
Castaway Island family holiday
Mr9 was pretty brave snorkelling in deep waters, but the clarity helped, I think.
Castaway island family holiday _9
My favourite breakfast; scrumptious papaya, bircher muesli with toasted almonds and a few prunes.
Castaway island family holiday _7
Evening’s golden sunlight lights up the amazing view from our bure.
Castaway island family holiday _6
It’s this simple, and this beautiful.
Castaway island family holiday _5
Lots of gymnastic were enjoyed!
Castaway island family holiday _4
View from the bure in the middle of the day. The snorkelling on this side is good too.
Castaway island family holiday _3
Let’s end with another sunset photo.
Castaway island family holiday _2
Oh, all right, just one more!

I have plans for posts on things to do at castaway Island, but that’s for after Christmas.

Memories of a happy holiday can last a lifetime.

Very grateful for the rest, the beauty and the photos too.

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    1. says: Seana Smith

      It was just fantastic, Jean. I was out on the reef with my snorkel every day. There were a few sea lice on the first day but thank goodness they were washed away by the second day. Take me back, I loved it…

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