Centennial Park Bike Tracks And Playgrounds – A Family Review

Today’s post comes from Take Charge Now blogger Rebecca Thompson. She and the family have been cycling around the Eastern Suburbs finest park, Centennial Parklands. Take it away Rebecca.

Centennial Park Restaurant Playground
The playground beside the restaurant.

Centennial Park Bike Tracks and Playgrounds Review

If you are looking for family fun with the added bonus of health and fitness, look no further than Centennial Park Bike Tracks and Playgrounds.

Conveniently located just minutes away from Sydney’s CBD, Centennial Park is large with everything from formal gardens to sporting fields and everything in between. Of course you could set out on foot, but due to the size of the park, the best way to get around is to hire a bike or BYO.

The Grand Drive which runs right around the park has a dedicated cycle lane, it’s 3.8km long, so a good ride for older kids.

Bikes on Track
The cycle lane on the Grand Drive

There’s also a Learners Cycleway, a dedicated children bike track where little kids on trikes and bikes can learn to cycle safely.

Centennial Park Cycles boasts of being one of Sydney’s largest bicycle hire facilities. They have a large variety of bikes including mountain bikes, tandem bikes, kids bikes, tagalong bikes, even ladies retro bikes – a close second to my personal favourite the 4 seater pedal car.

Bike Hire at Centennial Park
The bicycle hire area

Centennial Park Cycles

100m from the Grand Drive and Hamilton Drive intersection (just up from the restaurant and next to the amenities block)

Centennial Park 2021

Phone: (02) 9398 5027

Email: info@cyclehire.com.au

Website: http://www.cyclehire.com.au

Open: 7 days, 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Mum’s report

Now if your family is anything like mine, you are going to want to stop for breaks, enjoy the scenery, and the kids will need rest and hydration stops. Luckily along the cycle way  you are spoiled for choice for scenic pit stops and photo opportunities. Everywhere you look there is something to suit everyone.

Water is one of my favourite things, so the large pond areas are picture perfect re-energising spots. There is a plethora of perfect shade trees to sit under and catch your breath as there are statues to look at or climb on. There are historic buildings, sporting facilities and plenty of BBQ sites for a hearty lunch break.

Centennial Scenery
Duck ponds at Centennial Park

As you would expect, the place is extremely popular with families. The grounds are not only beautiful to look at for the adults but there are 3 playgrounds as you make your rounds along the bike track.

Starting with the Learners Cycleway Playground, this is, as the name suggests, located within the learners cycleway. A great place to start for kids who are either just learning to ride or who need a bit of encouragement to get them on their way.

A great way to get them psyched up with a bit of play before heading out on the road after a safe trial.

Bikes by Restaurant

Second is the Paddington Gates Playground. As playgrounds go, this is pretty cool and caters for young kids and upward to 12 years, so there is plenty to keep all age groups occupied whilst you regroup for the next leg of your trek.

The kids can climb, balance, swing, spin or slide depending on their age and ability. You can stop in the shady area, fire up the bbq or refresh yourself at the toilets. There is even a “quiet area” so if your child is a little hesitant to join the bigger kids, a little wary of crowds or just needs a rest they are catered for here.

Rest Stop
Great way to slowly travel around the park, with lots of stops to rest and relax.

Third is the Restaurant Playground. A superb way to end the day for this tired old mum!

It has ropes to climb, a slide, water feature and “hug-me” poles which I have not personally seen elsewhere and makes me giddy watching them.

The playground is designed for kids aged 0-5 years, perfect for my son who is 4. Even better, it is located right near the restaurant (see here for further details) where my day will inevitably end.

Regardless of whether Mr4 has spent his energy or not, hubby and I will relocate to the restaurant for a cold beverage and a light meal. If Mr4 is pooped, he will join us to people watch. But if there is still energy to burn, we will regroup whilst he runs around the grassy expanse.

A perfect end!

Do you enjoy indulging in healthy fun activities such as cycling with your family?

Would you end up in the restaurant at the end of the day just like me?

Rebecca Thompson writes a personal blog that follows her journey from sickness to sensational, creating her dream lifestyle and family life. She adores her husband, is infatuated with her son, loves to travel and has a taste for the finer things in life. You can find more of her work at www.takechargenow.com.au.

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