Chinamans Beach: A Wonderful Sydney ‘Secret’ Beach For Kids

Chinamans Beach, Mosman

Located off McLean Crescent, Mosman 2088

by Michal Johnson of All Things Mom Sydney

Chinaman’s Beach has to be one of my favourite beaches in Sydney for kids. It is most definitely my favourite beach in Mosman, it is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for little kids learning to swim.

This beach is another one of those hidden Sydney gems that you don’t know is there until you’ve been invited by a local or stumbled across it by accident.

Chinaman’s Beach while visible from the other side of the water from Clontarf Reserve is not visible from the road or the car park. You have to know where to go to find it.

Chinamans Beach Mosman 1

To get to Chinaman’s Beach you have to walk through Roscherville Reserve and the trees separating the reserve from the beach. As soon as you step out onto the beach you will see why the locals love it. Between the crisp white sand, the flat water and the gorgeous views, it is postcard material.

For some reason the beach is often quiet with more people out on the water, on stand-up paddleboards than there are on the beach. The beach is narrow but 250m long so there is plenty of space to find your own quiet area or for the kids to run. The water is generally so calm that clear that the kids can watch the little fish swim around their legs.

The beach is part of Middle Harbour so the water is affected by the tides but protected from waves and any serious currents. Due to the length of the beach your kids can swim along the shore without having to go into the deeper water.

With rocks and trees overlooking the beach it is also a great beach for exploring and you can easily spend all day here if you’ve brought a picnic lunch.

If you get tired of the sand you can always head back into the reserve and let the kids play at the playground.

Parking: There is a small council car park with ticketed parking on one side and free parking on the other side.

Bus: You can take Bus 249 to get the corner of Medusa Street and Spit Road but it is quite a walk to the Reserve from there.

Toilets: The are toilets in the Reserve close to the beach.

Shade: There is no shade on the beach.

Cafes:  The closest cafes are those on the Spit Bridge or at Balmoral Beach

Chinamans Beach Mosman
Photo credit for both photos: Andrew Gregory, Destination NSW… I need to get back there and take some of my own!

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