Clontarf Beach on Middle Harbour

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Clontarf Beach textWell, we just had the most lovely lunchtime picnic and long afternoon play at Clontarf Beach. My twins had the day off school, after their very exhausting Open Day and Fair yesterday.

One of the mums suggested a picnic and play at Clontarf and a few of us leapt at the chance. Could there be a better spot to spend such a glorious autumn day in Sydney?


 Clontarf Beach shark net_0099

Low tide at the sharkproof swimming enclosure.

We had seven kids aged five – eight years. They are old and wise enough to rush around and play without us having to manage them too closely.

Both we mums and the kids had such a fun time.

20140526_20140526 Clontarf Beach_0095

The kids loved:

* charging around on the wide expanses of sand at low tide

* playing on the beach and splashing through the shallows

* terrorising innocent starfish

* making dens in the bushes

* playing in the fab playground

* games of rugby league and soccer on the grass and on the sand too

* generally running around in the fresh air

20140526_20140526 Clontarf Beach_0094

We mums loved:

* lying about doing nothing, we deserved it after the efforts of the day before

* myself and one friend had a long swim parallel to the beach

* solving the problems of the universe, much discussion of our ageing parents and grandparents, our cultural differences with our various backgrounds being English, Indian, Scottish and Aussie

* that old fave, the work-life balance as a mum

20140526_20140526 Clontarf Beach_0102

For all the details you need for a trip to Clontarf Beach and to see photos of the big playground down there, see this post: Clontarf Beach + Playground.

20140526_20140526 Clontarf Beach_0099

Clontarf Beach is my little daughter’s favourite. I popped up some photos of her leaping into the water at Clontarf last year on this post.

20140526_20140526 Clontarf Beach_0097
20140526_20140526 Clontarf Beach_0101

 Like my new trifocal glassess? Man, I’m getting old.

Here’s to outdoors family fresh air fun that’s almost free. I say almost as the parking cost me $14. Splutter!

Hope you’ve had a lovely day wherever in the wide world you are.




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Posted on: May 26, 2014


  • Reply May 28, 2014

    Gourmet Getaways

    Nothing beats work-life balance, more than anything else! I’m sure you all had a fantastic time doing your own stuff – undisturbed!

    Gourmet Getaways

  • Beautiful post. I love days like these. What a great spot. I haven’t heard of it before. Love the bucket of terrorized star fish 😉 xo

  • Sydney Harbour always looks beautiful.
    I love how kids today can still appreciate playing in nature and not have to be attached permanently to an electronic device. It’s just a matter of getting them out there.

  • Trifocal?! I’ve never even heard of them. Glad you got your fresh air, beach time and swim – that’ll get you back into the swing of things after your big trip. x A

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