Clontarf Beach on Middle Harbour – Sydney’s Best Beaches For Kids

Clontarf Beach, Clontarf Reserve Middle Harbour

Clontarf Beach is one of the best Sydney beaches for kids of all ages, but especially for little kids, babies and toddlers.

This Middle Harbour beach has no surf at all, and a very gently sloping beach. There’s a netted harbour pool which is handy as Middle Harbour has the reputation for being sharky.

Clontarf Beach, Clontarf Reserve Middle Harbour

There’s a lovely playground which has a boat theme, ideal for the surrounds. Then there’s the beautiful grounds of Clontarf Reserve, ideal for picnics. There’s a good cafe/restaurant here plus a kiosk serving hot and cold drinks and snacks, hot chips, and, most crucially, ice blocks.

NB The playground is being rejuventated and is closed from April 2021 – hope to bring news of opening of new playground soon..

Clontarf Beach, Clontarf Reserve Middle Harbour
The beach and baths are a huge attraction but the playground, reserve and kiosk make this a place to spend all day.

This is a top spot for school aged kids too, we have often had picnics with school friends here. Even as they get older the kids love a play here and when bolder they adore a leap into the water from the Baths. Adventure!

Clontarf Beach, Clontarf Reserve Middle Harbour

Clontarf Beach, Baths and Reserve

Clontarf Beach Address:  Sandy Bay Road, Clontarf 2093

A safe and popular spot, most young kids will be found splashing in the sea or digging in the sand at the pool enclosure in front of the reserve.

Clontarf has nice views of the Spit with its busy boats and cars racing over the bridge. There are big shady trees on the reserve where parents and carers can spread blankets and towels and easily keep an eye on children in the pool enclosure.

The beach and Clontarf Reserve are a safe distance from the car park behind.  There’s heaps of space for ball games on the reserve.

The playground is large and has great equipment on a ship theme, with plenty of shade. There are showers by the pool enclosure.

Most popular in summer, this is also a lovely winter spot on a sunny day… and yes, lots of kids will be splashing in Middle Harbour so long as it’s sunny.

There are sandy beach areas to the right and left of the netted baths, good for swimming though the netted baths are safest. The area between the baths and the boat club makes a great play space at low tide.

Clontarf Beach NSW
The large shaded playground
Clontarf Beach, Clontarf Reserve Middle Harbour
The ship of many dreams

Cafes: Kiosk open daily 10am–4pm sells hot and cold snacks and drinks.  There’s also Clonny’s, a real sit-down restaurant, find Clonny’s website here.

Toilets:  Toilet block on reserve has changing rooms, showers and toilets, a little walk from the baths and playground

Shade: Not on the beach but lots of shady trees on the reserve

Playground: Yes, large and shaded

Shark net: Yes

Mum’s report: Great spot for a mothers’ group or playgroup to meet up for a morning at the beach

Extra: A short drive away are the fantastic views from Tania Park. Clontarf is at the end of the Manly Scenic Walk. You can walk a few km to get to lovely, secluded Castle Rock beach with older children.

Parking: Pay carpark by the beach

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Clontarf Beach NSW kiosk
I have bought a million ice blocks at this kiosk!
Clontarf beach restaurant clonnys
Clonnys restaurant on the beach, must get there one day

It is a wiggly road down to the beach so I do advise using Google maps for Clontarf Beach directions.

Clontarf Beach, Clontarf Reserve Middle Harbour
Just hanging around
Clontarf Beach Middle Harbour Sydney Playground
Lots of work to do on a beach house.
Clontarf beach baths playground reserve
Beaut spot for a picnic, summer and winter too… you’ll love Clontarf Sydney.
 Clontarf Beach shark net_0099
Low tide at the shark proof swimming enclosure.

What the kids love doing at Clontarf

  • charging around on the wide expanses of sand at low tide
  • playing on the beach and splashing through the shallows
  • terrorising innocent starfish
  • making dens in the bushes
  • playing in the fab playground
  • games of rugby league and soccer on the grass and on the sand too
  • generally running around in the fresh air

What the adults love doing:

  • lying about doing nothing, we deserve it
  • long swims parallel to the beach
  • solving the problems of the universe over coffees and ice blocks
  • telling the kids to put more sun block on and find their hats
Clontarf Beach
Beautiful views at Clontarf
Clontarf beach clontarf reserve
Low tide at the Baths, no jumping in this day
clontarf beach pool playground
Leap in! The joy of jumping is there for the adults as well as the kids
Clontarf beach clontarf reserve
Clontarf beach clontarf reserve

Are you a Clontarf regular?

See you there one sunny day.


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