Robertson Point Lighthouse at Cremorne Point – An Exciting Walk!

We all love a lighthouse and why wouldn’t we? And there’s nothing like a little adventure by the Harbour. Here’s one to enjoy when your children have become sure-footed. Robertson Point Lighthouse is at the very tip of Cremorne Point. 

The lighthouse is still active, it flashes green at night, every three seconds I believe, the same as the lighthouse at Bradley’s Head.

To get to it you need to walk along an easy path from Milson Road or Cremorne Road. The path passes toilets and a very pleasant little playground.

Then you need to negotiate some stone steps and THEN a ladder fixed to a rock face.

steps to lighthouse at Cremorne Point
Steep steps down

lighthouse at Cremorne Point
Great views over the Harbour
ladders down to lighthouse at Cremorne Point

You cannot visit the lighthouse itself. But you can sit down there like my son is. And you can think about life, and the sea, and all the people who used to sail into the harbour long ago, and about lighthouses, storms and shipwrecks. Fantastic.

Robertson Point lighthouse, cremorne point.

Robertson Point Lighthouse Map

Robertson Point Lighthouse map
Here’s a map of this lovely lighthouse, click here to find it on Google maps.

This is definitely not an adventure for little children or any who will not be able to restrain their excitement and go slowly and carefully.

Read all about the lovely walk around Cremorne Point here.

Have you swum at the MacCallum Pool at Cremorne Point?

Don’t you just love lighthouses?


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  1. says: Hotly Spiced

    I’ve done the walk to this lighthouse and it’s just stunning. A few weeks ago I went to the ballet on the ferry and we went right by this lighthouse at night. It was really beautiful xx

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