Dee Why Beach and Rock Pool With Kids

Dee Why beach and the beautiful Dee Why rock pool is a firm family favourite for us. My husband and I have taken all of our four kids down there on a very regular basis. Here’s hoping we will bring grandkids one day. Now the kids visit on their own and I go down to swim laps in the ocean pool. But I miss the days of little kids with boogie boards and cricket kit.

With a playground on the reserve and a very cool little cafe on the walkway to the ocean pool, plus the strip of great cafes and restaurants, fish and chip shop and the crucial ice cream shop, Dee Why is a place to pass a day or half day. All the generations and members of the family will find something to do at Dee Why beach and rock pools.

dee why beach wide shot
A wide shot of the sweep of Dee Why Beach on a summer’s day
dee why beach rock pools_1
The toddler pool at Dee Why rock pool
dee why rock pool swimmers
The main rock pool at Dee Why

Dee Why Beach + Rock Pool

The Strand, Dee Why

Dee Why is a famous surf beach and there are regularly surfers out looking for waves to catch. The beach is long, with a reserve and a small promenade which is easily accessible for strollers.

The flags are usually out in front of the surf lifesaving club on the beach, but the best spot for little tiddlers is down at the extreme southern end by the point at the two ocean pools.

One of the pools is designed just for children, it is well kept with plenty of shallow water for splashing around. This toddler-friendly ocean pool is one of the best in Sydney.

It’s easy to push a stroller along to the pool and there’s plenty of space to sit down and to change.

Beach Shed cafe Dee Why rock pool Sydney
The walkway along to the ocean pools with the Beach Shed Cafe

Cafes: Several cafes on The Strand, opposite the beach plus the Beach Shed Cafe on the walkway

Toilets: Toilets, showers and change rooms at the northern end of the beach at the surf lifesaving club; toilets at the ocean pools and showers on the promenade

Shade: None on the beach or at the pools, but shade from trees on the reserve

Playground: Excellent, fenced playground at south end of the reserve near the rock pools

Ocean pool: Yes, adult and children’s pools

Mum’s report: The children’s rock pool is delightful and generally in immaculate condition; we spend loads of time there and would stay all day if there was a bit of shade. The views from the rock pool are just wonderful. What we usually do is spend the morning at the pool and then eat lunch in the shade at the playground.

Extra: There’s a lovely walk south of the rock pools, see Dee Why to Curl Curl – Sydney’s Best Coastal Walks With Kids

Parking: Street parking, and a pay car park behind the surf lifesaving club

Bus stop nearby: Yes

Surfing Lessons at Dee Why

Children (and adults!) can learn to surf at Dee Why. Read more about Sydney surf school here.

Dee Why Beach + Rock Pool Map

map of dee why beach and rock pool
Click here to go to Dee Why on Google Maps
dee why beach seagulls on rock platform
Seagulls fly over the rock platform south of the rock pools on a cloudy day. This is an interesting place to explore unless there is big surf crashing over
playground at Dee Why reserve
Inside the playground at Dee Why reserve
dee why rock pool
The large rock pool at Dee Why, it has lanes marked and is excellent for swimming laps

dee why rock pools arty shot
And here’s an arty shot of the rock pools!

Dee Why Rock Pool History

The first pool built at Dee Why opened in 1915, having been built onto a natural depression on the rock platform by the locals. This original pool was small and shallow, ideal for children. It was expanded by the council in 1919 and was then about 33m long.

In around 1930 the separate children’s pool was created and the main pool expanded to be 50m long. It is 21m wide. In 1973 the current kids pool was completed.

Have you visited Dee Why?

Which of the fabby cafes on The Strand do you find best for families?


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