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Could I introduce you to a new parenting resource: Dr James Best’s Parenting For Today?

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But first, I’d better make a full disclosure. Dr James Best is a good pal of mine, he’s the husband of my dear friend Benison O’Reilly with whom I co-wrote the first edition of the Australian Autism Handbook and also Beyond The Baby Blues.

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Benison, James and I all met up at an autism parent group many years ago when our boys were all doing early intervention. Benison and James’ son Sam is now a very tall 16 year old and my dear son is 20.

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James is a Sydney GP with post graduate qualifications in children’s medicine and he’s also a respected GP educator. James is one of Australia’s leading paediatric doctors and has had many articles in both the medical and mainstream press.


James’ new website is www.drjamesbest.com and there he’s posting a series of videos about children’s development and health.

The website also looks at what we parents bring to our families as individuals and how that can affect how we parent.

Here are the episodes that James had uploaded so far:

Episode 1 – Have you ever wondered what kind of a parent you want to be?

Episode 2 – Babies and crying

Episode 3 – The first year

Episode 4 – The second year

Episode 5 – Tantrums

Episode 6 – The play age – part 1

Episode 7 – The play age – part 2

Episode 8 The primary school years

Episode 9 – Temperament

Episode 10 – Parental baggage and expectations

Episode 11 – Nurturing and attachment

Dr James best parenting tantrums
I’ve just watched the tantrums video and read the article and found is totally useful – again.

James has a 300 page ebook called Kidsense which is full of great info and good sense and is available from the Dr James Best website.

You can find the Dr James Best Facebook page here.

I’ll still be asking James for parenting advice when I’m 80 and my kids are in their 50s!

Have any of your children had a tantrum recently?

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  1. says: Jane allen

    Are busy reading sams best shot really great book. We have an autistic boy of 41/2 So we can relate to alot in the book. Trying to get his email address and was hoping to be able to communicate with dr James best regarding autism queries.
    Jane Allen

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