Why Dress Ups Make Fabulous Kids Gifts


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Some of the best gifts my kids ever had the joy to unwrap have been dress up costumes.


They have spent literally years dressed as Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear and Woody, assorted princesses (especially the boys) and never forgetting Batman himself.


Even the twins still do love a dress up, the photo below is a Book Week set, and Halloween costumes are still going strong.

I do miss the boy princesses though.


Here’s Why Dress Ups Make Great Gifts For Kids

  • They stimulate imaginative play
  • They will be used for years and years and can be passed on until worn out
  • They are great for role play activities, especially for children with additional needs
  • They encourage group play as children act out their roles together


Make or Create Ideas

You don’t need to buy ready made costumes, Simplicity has a range of costume patterns you sew yourself.

On Pinterest, look at Dress Up Clothes to Sew.

You can also go through your wardrobe for old clothes and hunt down ballgowns in charity shops to make dress ups that are not based on movie and other characters.

Just Google ‘turn old clothes into dress ups’ for a million ideas.


Or Be Like Me And Just Buy Them

I’m a craft-challenged parent (with skills in other areas!) and so I’ve always bought dress ups.

Here are some ideas of dress ups that worked so well for my four children. I wish I could get the teenagers back into a Spiderman suit now, they were so sweet.



Check Out These Cool Kids Costumes



Deluxe Spiderman Costume $39.99


Hot Pink Tulip Fairy Costume $62.99


Elf Kids Costume $42.99


Buccaneer Kids Costume $49.99

Disney Frozen Elsa $39.99


Crazy Colour Clown $69.99

My Ms10 used birthday money and saved pocket money to buy this Crazy Clown Costume this year. She leaps about it and totally clowns around.


You’ll find dozens of other cool kids dress ups on the Costumebox website here.


Have your kids loved dress ups too?

Do you make your own,

Happy present hunting




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Posted on: December 1, 2016

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