Eat Now: Online Takeaway Ordering (And Eating) Made Easy

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I’d love to claim that I cook each and every meal for myself and the family but I cannot tell a lie.

Fish fingers or (vegetarian) ‘chicken’ nuggets are a  weekly event, and so is takeaway.

Often it’s pizza from a couple of different chains and restaurants, sometimes Indian and the odd Thai.

I’ve rarely had food delivered to the house though, I think because it can be difficult to explain over the phone just what is being ordered and exactly what our address is.

Problem just solved!  We were asked to trial Eat Now, an online takeaway food ordering and payment site, also now an app for phones and tablets.

Eat Now 3

These are some of the options for Bondi, each suburb has its own list of takeaway options available.


You simply start by typing in the suburb you’re in, and a list of participating cafes and restaurants appears. You sign up to the site so your address is permanently recorded, make your order, pay online – I use Paypal – and set the time for the food delivery.

It’s worked really well for us.

In the suburban Sydney area I live in there are so far only eight takeaway options available, two of which are on my list of usual suspects. I know it’s ridiculously lazy, but I love not having to drive out AGAIN when it’s Friday night and we’ve all finally got home.


Eat Now 1

Eat Now – The Things We Love

+ You can plan ahead, order the meal in the daytime to be delivered at night.

+ If I’m away I can order a meal to be delivered to the teenagers at home and they don’t have to have cash on them to pay for it (they love that, of course.)

+ Food can be ordered for pick up as well as delivery, and that increases a lot the number of cuisines available. Handy for when I am driving home from somewhere and am able to pick up an oder on the way home.

+ You’re sent an email or text with all the details.

+ There are some great specials and introductory offers exclusive to Eat Now.

+ It takes away some of the language barriers we’ve struggled with on the ‘phone (my Thai is terrible.)

Eat Now 4


It’s Monday and we’ll be having homemade meatballs and spaghetti for dinner tonight. But by Friday, I’m generally over the whole shopping, cooking and washing up fandango, so we’ll be ordering in. Quickly and easily!

I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of Eat Now before.

Am I miles behind the eight ball?

Have you been ordering takeaway food online or by app for years.

If so, why didn’t you let me know??!!


Disclaimer: Eat Now covered the cost of two takeaway meals for my (large and hungry) family: many thanks.  Our experience is genuine and opinions are my own.


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Posted on: March 3, 2014


  • This sounds really handy! We don’t get takeaways very often but when we do it’s always the same one so this would really help us branch out 🙂 Love your thinking of ordering it for the kids when you’re not there. Very smart!

    • Reply March 5, 2014

      Seana Smith

      I iwsh I could outsource the morning teas too… you DO get a bit over it after the first 10 years…. Thanks for popping over Annabel.

  • Reply March 5, 2014

    Desire Empire

    How convenient. Great that you can order for the teenagers when you are away from home. Really appeals to mums.

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