Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley Resort – Sydney’s Most Luxurious Weekend Away

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What to do when you need a week’s holiday far from everything, but you just can’t get away for that long?

What to do when you’ve got enough cash to pay for a whole week away, but no-one to mind the family for so long?

You could do what we did….

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Last school holidays, the International Man of Mystery (IMOM) and I made a daring escape. We had all four offspring looked after by a variety of friends and we dashed to freedom for two nights only.

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We spent those two nights at the most luxurious resort, being pampered in a way never experienced before. And it was marvellous.

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There was fresh air, plenty of exercise, the most beautiful views, lots of very good food, expert guides to teach us about the flora and fauna in the magnificent valley we were in, just the right amount of wine and a beautiful horse to pat.

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It really was divine, and oh boy does it feel far away and long ago now, just a few short weeks later.

We stayed at the Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley Resort, a six star resort with impeccable environmental credentials. It cost a fortune, my eyes watered when I paid for the two nights and again when I looked at the Visa bill.

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But worth it, yes. Because we had such a good break, came home so refreshed.

We had time to reconnect to each other, and to do some sporty things we generally can’t do together. You can’t put a price on your relationship; it’s worth millions.

Very deliberately, I didn’t take my big cameras, and so just snapped a few pix on my phone. They’re not great, but you’ll get a flavour of the place.

It’s remote, utterly peaceful, deeply luxurious. There’s a spa there which I didn’t get to but our IMOM enjoyed a massage. Nikki from Styling You has written about the spa and resort on this post.

I’m popping up some more professional shots of the valley and activities, as my own photos don’t do it justice.

Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort & Spa_1
Heritage Suite (LR)_1

Check availability and pricing (brace yourself) on the Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa here.

Please ask me any question you like in the comments.

Wolgan Valley is a unique location, highly suitable for a very special anniversary or birthday… or for when you are totally buggered and need a week away but could never manage that, like us.

How long until I can have all four children looked after again!!??

Have you ever spent a fortune and not regretted a cent?

Would you go for a horse ride through gorgeous countryside over a spa visit?


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  1. What an amazing, great escape! Well deserved for you and your man Seana 🙂
    I have only heard golden things about the Emirates Wolgan Valley and I would love to experience it one day. As for splurges – I don’t regret spending on business class flights as they are always a treat. Tahiti (where all accommodations are either 5 star resorts or backpackers) was also a splurge worth every dollar. And can I choose both? I’d horseback and THEN get the spa treatment after…? That would be heaven 🙂

  2. says: Hotly Spiced

    My parents have been there a couple of times and they’ve just booked to visit there again. They love it and the food is absolutely 5-star as well. It’s such a great place to unwind and relax and rejuvenate. I’m glad you had a good time and I hope things are working out for you on the home front xx

    1. says: Seana Smith

      It really is quite bloody marvellous…. it’s just been taken over, the management, by the One and Only group, but I’d imagine they wouldn’t change much as it’s going well. Seems very far away and long ag by now, boo hoo. Two nights isn’t enough… except for the bank balance… two nights is plenty for that.

  3. says: Akram

    A BIG TRAP………..
    I booked two nights in the one and only wollgan valley based on the high positive reviews from different sits , i sent them an email asking for special gestures as we were celebrating two special occasions; our marriage anniversary and my wife’s Birthday .they responded that will take care of that and make a beautiful arrangement for us. surprisingly, they didn’t do any of the promised arrangement even no greeting card!!! but rather, their service was not even worth the bulk of money paid.
    Any normal hotel will do much better than that ,the food was not nice at all,villa was not clean enough .
    I’m really disappointed and made a wrong choice .
    I have spent $3580 for two nights and from my experience and the services we got I can say its a big rip off .
    I think all the reviews about this resort are fake or filtered…….
    Be careful guys….

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Well, I’ve got to say I’m surprised to read this as, for myself and my husband, the time we spent there was just fantastic and worth the (considerable) expense.

      I must ask what response you have had from the hotel as I’m sure they would take a complaint very seriously?

      We went almost 2 years ago and it’s one of the top two resorts I’ve ever stayed in. Loved it very much.

  4. says: VideoPortal

    Kids of all ages are welcome at this family-friendly resort, with bespoke nature-based activities available for children, but Wolgan is geared to grown-ups, so you might not want to get too distracted keeping an eye on the young ones.

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